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Are you looking for a BBQ catering service for corporate event? If so, then this post can help in making your caterer selecting process successful.


BBQ catering can never go wrong for any event. After all, BBQ is loved by all and is an affordable option too. Beef burgers, hot dogs and grilled chicken breast are indeed going to impress your guests. However, before booking BBQ catering, there are some questions that you must ask.


#1. Are you available on the date of my event? 

What is the fun of talking to the caterer about the menu and services who are not available on the date of your event? So, firstly ask about the availability of the caterer, then proceed with other interrogations.


#2. Do you have themed menus? 

Though corporate events have nothing to do with special themes, however, for a change, it can be thought of. It can reenergize a long-day conference.


#3. Can I speak to your past clients? 

It is always a good idea to talk to previous clients before hiring someone for services. It will help you know whether they were happy with the catering of the company or not. Don’t forget to ask about the quality and freshness of BBQ served at their events. This will help you in selecting the most suitable BBQ caterer for your corporal event.


#4. Have you served events like mine in the past? 

If the BBQ catering company you are hiring have catered a corporate event like yours, then they can well-understand your needs and can thus cater your guests efficiently. So, make sure to look for an experienced caterer.


#5. Have you ever served at my chosen venue? 

It is a plus point if they say yes. They will know in advance about kitchen facilities, access points and any potential issue. In case they are not familiar with the venue, will they visit the site free of charge? All this will help you know your caterer and make your event a successful one.


#6. Can I see sample menus with costings? 

After deciding your catering requirements, ask for menu suggestions. Do consider the choices of your guests before finalizing the menu. Further, ask about the prices. This will let you know if the caterer fits your budget or not.


#7. Do you provide furniture and tableware? 

If your venue doesn’t come with all the equipment you need, then you had to hire them separately. And if your caterers offer you tables, chairs, and tableware, it can save you from a lot of hassle.


#8. How does your staff dress? 

The appearance of delivery staff is an important factor that you should consider for your business meeting. When the delivery person walks through the door, he must be dressed professionally.


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