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What are the ideal qualities of a good general contractor? But first, what all does a general contractor do? The main job of a general contractor is to organise the work of all the people employed by him for the building or remodel process or of the sub-contractors like painters, tile companies, window installation companies and others. The timely completion of the project and adherence to the given budget is looked after by these contractors. If you are planning to get your home remodelled or a new one constructed, then here are a few things that you should look for in the company you hire as your contractor-

  1. Technical know-how- Your general contractor should be familiar with the technicalities and have a good knowledge about construction activities otherwise he/she won’t be in a position to check the work of others under him. If a contractor doesn’t look carefully then drafty doors, leakages in plumbing, leaks in the roof and shoddy work can happen under their nose. A good contractor should ideally be from a construction background and have an understanding of quality work. Make sure you go with enough questions before hiring a company.
  2. Good communication skills – Good communication and understanding are crucial in your general contractor as he would be the one who translates your vision into work and communicate with everyone else who works on your home. A good contractor will patiently listen to what you want and make that happen by communicating it to the sub-contractors.
  3. A solid group of sub-contractors- General contractors who have been working in the field for a long time generally have a team of sub-contractors that they regularly work with. This has the advantage of people working together having trust and knowledge of how they work and it usually happens more smoothly that way.
  4. Knowledge of permits and regulations- Rules and regulations on building and addition and expansion on homes differ in every state and city. Depending on the area, whether coastal or earthquake prone, regulations will differ accordingly. Flouting any rules could force you to reconstruct. It is critical to build within property lines. One might have to take down the building or addition if it is built over.

A contractor’s job is to organise work and find the best materials suitable to your needs that work together. They are trained in what to look for. Often, people for saving costs become their own contractors, but due to lack of knowledge and a practised eye they may end up having to pay for fixes in the long term. Knowledge is crucial when building a house. It would most likely help one save money in the long term if a general contractor is hired.

It is a huge final investment to build a home or to even make an addition. One should know what they’re getting into; just hiring a good contractor can take you a step closer to getting the home of your dreams. Make sure you communicate well with the general contractor and they are someone you can trust.

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