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With the arrival of winter, it is time that you start taking precautionary measures to prevent any unwarranted damage to your car, and more specifically, to your car locks. During winter, the freezing weather is such that it facilitates the jamming of car locks, making it difficult to manage and access your cars. This reduced or impeded access could hamper the pace of your daily lives, in some cases even preventing you from being on time for work or other important tasks. Thereby, it becomes essential that you start taking preventative measures before such a circumstance presents itself. Furthermore, if your car lock gets jammed or frozen in the middle of a secluded area, it could become a threat to your safety and well being until you can manage to get some help through the professional assistance of locksmiths.

With this pre-emptive initiative, you would be in a position to evade serious damages to the chassis of your car and protect it from the harsh weather conditions and avoid getting into compromised situations.

This, the following is an enumeration of some guidelines from professional automotive locksmiths to help you keep your car locks in the topmost working condition during winters.

Frozen Car Locks: The Major Causes
Winters in Montreal can become quite harsh and unforgiving at a moment’s notice. This is the reason why you must be prepared with your measures in place before there is an indication of such unexpected weather changes.

Car washing is evidently a rather common phenomenon that helps you to get rid of all the dirt and debris that accumulates on the exterior of your car’s body. While car washing is definitely essential to maintain the cleanliness of your car, you must keep in mind that sometimes the water can gather in and around your car locks and freeze when the temperature drops significantly, this infiltrating your locking mechanism. In this case, to would have to seek the assistance of a professional automotive locksmith to help you rid your car locking mechanism from the ice.

Another major cause of concern for cars during winters would be when car owners try and implement some preventative measures for maintenance themselves by using a lubricant to free the locks. Using lubricants can be beneficial, however, if you use an oil-based lubricant, it can aggravate the situation as it attracts and encourages the accumulation of debris and dirt inside the door locks.
How To Prevent Car Locks From Freezing

Even though there is no assurance against the toll the winter might take on your car locks, you can very well take some steps to prevent a particularly adverse condition. Use an oil-free lubricant to keep your locks running smoothly during this inclement weather. If you are washing your car during winters, make sure that you spray some de-icer inside your locks.

Frozen Car Locks: Solutions

If you see that your car locks have already frozen, do not try and jam anything into it forcefully. Your lock mechanism would be particularly vulnerable and might get damaged beyond repair due to this force. Ask for professional locksmith assistance instead.


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