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Patio misting systems: the definition really has gotten distorted by the cheap and ineffective versions often sold in stores. So what exactly is the difference between cheap patio misters and quality patio misting systems? For true outdoor cooling, the difference really is a huge one.

We have all seen those cheap patio misters at the “big box” stores. Many of us have purchased them for outdoor cooling. Trouble is…the cheap ones don’t work! If they do provide any cooling at all, it is only from getting everyone and everything wet. And who wants that? True patio misting systems use higher pressure to produce outdoor cooling of 35 degrees or more, and won’t get everyone and everything on the patio wet.

Ever wonder why Summer in San Francisco can be so cold? It’s the fog! Even when temperatures 30 miles inland are over 90 degrees, the evaporative cooling power of that San Francisco Fog can cause it to be more than 40 degrees cooler. True evaporative cooling is a simple, natural and powerful thing. Here’s how it works with quality patio misting systems:


  • A pump should be used to pressurize the water from your hose. 1000psi is pretty standard for decent outdoor cooling systems.
  • When using the higher pressure, nozzles can be pinched down to a much smaller size, and therefore produce a much finer mist. This is where the cooling magic happens! The droplets are so tiny that they actually evaporate into the air almost instantly.
  • The process of evaporation actually requires (or uses) heat from the air. Each evaporating droplet takes a little bit of heat with it. When you turn on patio misting systems, millions of droplets are evaporating every second! The result is a dramatically cooler patio or outdoor area…instantly.
  • The best part is that all of the water is completely evaporated into the air…instead of dripping onto the ground or your party below. No bad hair. No wet food. No slippery patios.


So in a nutshell, if you are looking for a patio misting system for outdoor cooling, just keep in mind there is a giant difference in quality when comparing quality systems with cheap patio misters And don’t give up hope if those cheap ones didn’t work. Higher pressure misting equipment does cost more, but when you feel that cool breeze wash over you, you’ll find it is well worth the price.




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