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Moving the piano by yourself is quite a challenging task. It is because the piano is a heavy and valuable item. The situation complicates when you have to move the piano down the stairs or the space to navigate through is tight. In such a scenario, hiring professional movers can be the best decision. It can prevent your piano from damages and can also keep you away from unwanted stress and headache.

However, if you are determined and hold the confidence to move the piano by yourself, then consider the following tips. These tips by a pro can help you understand how to move the piano carefully.


  1. Seek help – Pianos are not only bulky; they are awkward too. They create inconvenience while handling because the weight is distributed unequally. Yes! Pianos are designed this way only. Their weight cannot be equal in all the sides. So, advised is to ask for help. Talk to at least four people beforehand who can help you on the day of moving. You can take the favor of your friends, family, or neighbor. Also, make sure that they are available on that day. Don’t forget to show some courtesy; offer them lunch or a favor in return.


  1. Have the right equipment – Rent, borrow or purchase heavy-duty straps that can provide a good hold over the piano while moving. You will also be requiring a furniture dolly that can help in supporting the uneven weight of the piano. You can even reach out to a moving supply center who can suggest you the right tools depending on the size and type of your piano. Don’t forget the moving blankets as they can prevent your piano from cracks because of bumps.


  1. Take measures to protect the keyboard – The first thing that you need to follow while preparing for moving is to lock the keyboard lid. It will thus not open during the move. It is imperative to prevent the keys as they are delicate and can be damaged easily. Also, make sure not to use tape to close the lid as it can damage the wooden surface.


  1. Wrap the piano – Firmly wrap the piano and its edges with blankets or padding and then secure the cover with packing tape. Be careful while using the tape as it should not be in direct contact with the piano. Moreover, the thickness of the blanket has to be your priority as it is going to act as a protective layer for your precious piano. So, make sure it is thick enough.


  1. Place the piano securely in the truck – Keep the piano next to the back wall of the truck. It should be your first thing to load and the last one to unload.


Know in advance where the piano will be placed and put in over there. Then you don’t have to move it again and again while setting other things. Still, if you doubt yourself over moving it successfully then better is to hire a professional piano mover.




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