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Dance is a great way to relax and explore yourself. While you may not know which dance form you are best at or interested in, there is no harm in exploring different types of dance. You can always drop into classes at your local dance studio and sign up for a few sessions to figure out if it is your jam. Sometimes, the class you wanted to drop-in to could be cancelled. You can simply just go drop into another class, even if it is at a more advanced level! One of the things you should carry with you always in order to make sure you are at least a little prepared is socks. While different dance forms have different types of appropriate footwear, socks are a sure-fire way to make sure you can still dance!

There are a few tips you should follow in order to maintain your body when dancing. The first of these is to pay attention to your warm up. Not warming up properly before dancing can result in your body becoming sore or cramping. Additionally, this is also the most common reason for injuries in dance. Depending on the weather you live in, you may require more time to warm up and it is important that you do not skimp on this.  Secondly, remember to stay hydrated. This ensures that you have enough electrolytes to expend on physical exercise. Try to avoid heavy foods right before or after dancing, opt instead for foods like a banana. Thirdly, choose a dance form that is in accordance with your capabilities. If you are recovering from an injury, simple forms like belly dancing and modern dance will be ideal. Additionally, if you are injured, allow your body to heal naturally and don’t rush the process.

When it comes to the process of dancing itself, there are a few basic things you should keep in mind. If you are just starting out and are unsure of having the right limb coordination to dance well, take up salsa! This dance form is great because of its simplicity. This will allow you to build up confidence as well as the ability to perform more complex dances. Another dance form that helps you settle your basics is ballet. Whether you enrol in a class or watch videos online you will be able to learn a lot that you can use when learning other dance forms.

Remember, it is important to respect the art form. Each dance type will have its own set of dance etiquette that should be followed. Avoid gossiping with your fellow dancers or interrupting sessions with unnecessary talking. Your focus should be on the lesson, the teacher, and the positive effects of the dancing on your body and mind.

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