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Buying a used car is a more complicated process than buying a new one. People concern about various things like car warranty, parts of car, repairs, etc. On the whole, it is a big task to purchase an old car.

Used cars can be one of the smartest ways to go sometimes. In case you are living on limited means, then a used car is a great idea. In addition to that, you don’t have to pay any fees attached which a new car is associated with. On purchase of a new car, dealership adds various fees to it like cleaning and shipping to the price of a new car and a used car has most of these fees attached.

No doubt buying a used car carries a certain degree of risk as it has gone through a lot. But not all the aspects of buying a used car is bad.

Below are some main things to check when buying a used car:

1) Check the car papers thoroughly: Get the used car fully inspected by a mechanic you trust. Check the brakes, examine the tyres carefully, be sure to look for any vibrations or any kind of strange and squealing noise from the brake pedal, check the surface for feathering and take a test drive as well.

In addition to that inspect the insurance papers of your second hand car, this way you will be able to find out if the car has any accidents or claims. Also, verify the registration papers before considering the purchase.


2) Examine the exterior and interior: One should always check the exterior and interior before buying a used car. While examining the interior, you must check the battery, lights, horn, mirrors, seatbelts, radio, heater, windows and make sure they all work. You should also check the odometer as it is against the law to alter the odometer reading, and if you find that someone has tampered with it then avoid the car.

While examining the exterior, look for the signs of accident such as dents or new paint or chrome. Check for cracks in the frame, rusting, welding, muffler, tailpipe and exhaust components.


3) Do some research: Before purchasing a used car, do some research like get the valuation of your car done from a bank’s valuator and you should yourself also examine the car thoroughly.

Always take the car for a test drive and inspect each and every part of it carefully. Make sure the engine starts right away, and there are no strange noises or vibrations.


4) Transfer the second hand car insurance in your name: It is very important to transfer insurance in your name after buying a second hand car. If you get RC registered under your name but the policy is still under previous owner’s, then the insurance policy is of no use. It is necessary to have a valid insurance policy copy in your name as it is to get registration transferred.

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