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Who doesn’t love a lovely kitchen? Most women and these days even men like spending their time in the kitchen cooking for their family. Whether you have a date night or a weekend brunch, your kitchen is your go-to place. All your cooking experiments take place in your kitchen so when you get an opportunity to create that space on your own, you wouldn’t want to go wrong with it. So if you are planning to slap color on the cabinets of your kitchen, you should take some time to figure out colors that will match your vibe. Your kitchen space is your tribe and should ooze your vibe. It may look like french-bistro or a beach inspired cooking space. The counter may be modern and sleek. Research well before you jump into remodeling your kitchen.

The color of your kitchen plays a very important role to determine the look of your kitchen. Some of the common colors for kitchen includes red, blue, white, green yellow and gray. Every color has its own story to tell such as yellow is bright and cheerful while red is intense. Both these color are said to encourage the appetite. Most people opt for pastel colors these days, pastel is classic while colors like blue, white, gray are all colors that invite calm and serenity to your kitchen.

Now before you select any of these colors, you should look at the colors that you are about to use or already have. White is one color that goes with every color and compliments wood color the most. Apply colors on your kitchen wall before committing to one. Since your kitchen cabinets take a large space of your kitchen, it is easier to choose colors as you have to select those samples that are close to matching your cabinets. You should always buy or look at your cabinets before you choose colors. Always remember the color should compliment your cabinets and not the other way round as cabinets dictate the design of the kitchen. If your cabinets are all fun and colorful then it is wise to choose neutral shades for the walls. However, if you plan to go all fresh and clean with the cabinets, then you can choose to be more fun and colorful with the walls. Never choose cabinets and walls of the same or similar shade as it is only going to make them look dull and shabby.

Further moving on to countertops, you must be careful while choosing a color for your countertop. If the countertop is in one of the neutral shades then you have the flexibility to slap a variety of colors but if the countertop has a lot of intricate details in it then you must keep your walls neutral so as to highlight the details of the countertop. Loud wall colors will only make the space flashy and both, the details of the countertop and the wall will clash.

The kitchen is not just made up of walls, countertops, and cabinets, it is also made up of appliances. When you choose the color of your wall, you must keep the color of appliances in mind too. It is sensible to choose or create a color scheme that works well with the entire room. In case you are confused you can always choose to take the help of your kitchen cabinet manufacturer as they always have a good idea on color schemes.

Lastly, you may or may not live in the very same house for long, it essential to choose a color keeping in mind the resale value of your house. You may like to play with colors and you may be drawn to bold shades but future buyers might not find it appealing. It is always wise to stay on the receiving end rather than on the giving side. If you want to get a good value from your house, try to tone down the color scheme.



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