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Every hospital needs medicine trolleys and cart for better management of hospital supplies from one end of the hospital to other. If you are a specialist and have a chamber, to look after patients out there, you also need an isolation cart and anesthesia market. If you work in a hospital, and manage the purchasing of the medication cart and the trolley, then you must know that there are several designs and types in the market for mobile medication carts, where each of them serve a specific purpose in the Hospital. One of the most important function of mobile medication cart is in the operating room. In the operating room, you can see that, there are a lot of mobile medical equipment, and trolleys, carts (Isolation or Anesthesia), surgical carts and Anesthesia carts. You can also find other types of carts in the operating room, which plays a very important role in the operating room.
Now, in this article, we will mainly focus on the two very important type of cart, which is the mobile medication cart, and the Isolation cart.
The Anesthesia Cart
The Anesthesia cart, is not for actually hosting the anesthesia machine. Deceiving, isn’t it? But, the anesthesia machine is correctly named after the convention that it is used to host the things that are needed in the operating procedure as a part of anesthesia. Now, why can’t be an anesthesia machine be hosted in the Anesthesia Cart? Since, it appears that, the Anesthesia machine is still to0 heavy to be actually hosted in an Anesthesia cart. It has got its own cart for hosting that. Now, the anesthesia cart can actually be divided in to further two divisions, and they are called as the classic anesthesia cart and the MR-Conditional Anesthesia Cart.
The Classic Anesthesia cart or trolley has been used in the medical industry for a long time now. It generally has a large surface to host the things needed in anesthesia, and perpetually, six to seven drawers to keep the things needed for anesthesia and drugs, when they are not needed in the surface. Drugs include, Propofol, Sux, Atropine etc. Some of the anesthesia items are tongue blades, tubes, a light wand or laryngoscope.
The MR conditional cart on the other hand, is a much-advanced version of the classic anesthesia cart. It typically has the same features as that of a classic cart, like, six to seven drawers and a big surface. But, the surface and drawers should be made out of classic metals which do not get influenced by the magnetic field inside the MR room. The material should also not get heated up by the radio waves which are emanating inside the MR room.
Isolation Cart
Basically, isolation carts were invented, so that, the cart does not carry the germ from one room to the other. Basically, what happens in a hospital is that, the same cart is taken from one department to the other, which carries all the medicines and drugs. Therefore, if a germ contains different pathogens, then the germ may get transferred from one department to the other, which is harmful. Therefore, isolation trolleys are painted with special paints, which kills all the germ whenever it comes in contact with the cart, making it highly unlikely for the cart to carry the germs.

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