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Having an android phone these days is a trend common from adults, teens to kids. One can stay without anything today but phone, because it has become a basic requirement without whom the survival of humanity is tough.

Due to the birth of android phones, clicking pictures from a traditional camera is considered old fashioned. People have become more addicted to taking pictures from android phones due to more clarity and convenience.

Imagine how would it feel losing all your memories and pictures from your android phone.

Well, you would not have to face this situation because now it is possible to recover the deleted photos from your android phone.

This allows you to click as many pictures you want and capture as many memories without the risk of losing it.

Let’s see how photos can be recovered after being deleted.


1)Recovering from google drive: Recovery of the deleted gallery photos of your android phone can be done with the help of google drive.

Your google drive account on your mobile phone or computer can do the restoration.

This is a very influential method of recovering pictures.


2)Restoration can be done from SD card: If you fail to save your images in your Android phone’s internal memory but were secured in your SD card, then it can be quickly recovered from the card itself.

It is the fastest,secure and an effective process to restore all types of images from your phone.

Also the pictures can be restored from damaged, corrupt, formatted and inaccessible mobile SD cards. Even the videos can also be recovered the same way.


3)Recovery from android backup services: Photos can be restored with the help of android backup services. This is a new feature that manufacturers are adding to android phones, which has made the process of recovering lost photos easier.

This method is the simplest of all because this new characteristic in android phones have made rescuing secured and quick.


4) Recovering deleted photos by rooting of the phone: If you aren’t using any backup services or SD card, it becomes a lot more harder to recover the deleted photos from your android phone.

The only way out is to root your phone. This may require to scan your phones internal storage and wipe your device to recover the lost files.


5) Restoring with the help of google photos: Almost all the android phones have google photos.

Even if you end up deleting a photo from your gallery you may easily restore it with the help of google photos.

Each and every photo gets saved on google photos whether sent via Whatsapp and other such applications or taken from the phone itself.

Now you need not worry about losing your photos as google photo has a record of all of it.


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