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There is a thin line between life and death, gain and loss and the need for security is a vital factor for every human’s survival. All over the world, several security measures are undertaken to ensure the safety of people and in many cases the security of people is dependent on their form of transport. In simple words, armored cars, armored trucks, armored caravans, etc., have provided for the safe and secure transportation of goods and persons to and from locations.

There are varieties of armored vehicles available such as armored cars, armored trucks, armored caravans, armored planes, armored boats and each armored vehicle is prepared according to the specific needs and demands of the respective client. Also, every situation requires a separate kind of specification and accordingly, threat-level solutions are provided that range from a 9mm pistol to top-tier weapons.

Undoubtedly, a bulletproof car is a worthy investment for the people and it is capable of protecting passengers from all sorts of threats. Even it ensures the occupants a safe passage through high-risk zones and in case of attack, it can take people involved to a secure location quickly.


Types Of Armored Vehicles

There are basically four types of armored vehicles

1) SUV’s Sedans: They do not look any different from regular vehicles but they have armor applied throughout. Also, they are often referred to as ‘personal protection vehicles.’

2) Cash in transit: They are not very well armored, but these vehicles only have to be protected against handguns, which requires a lower level of armoring.

3) SWAT: These vehicles are approximately similar to cash in transit vehicles but they are properly armored for police and emergency use, where a variety of weapons are installed.

4) Military: Military vehicles are most heavily armored. Even they are a bit expensive as compared to regular armoring.


History Of Armored Vehicles

The first-ever sketch of an armored vehicle was made by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1485 and it included a circular platform on four wheels with light cannons designed facing out. These were coated with a cone-shaped shell of panels with a turret at the top for a lookout. Underneath were the cranks and gears to make the wheels turn and propel this proto-tank forward.

The first company which stepped in the era was Rolls-Royce Ghost, which was used by Royal Naval Air Service in Great Britain, during world war one in august 1914. And that marked the beginning for armored vehicles which soon became very popular due to the safety purpose it served.


How To Armor A Vehicle

First of all, choose a suitable vehicle you want to armor. There are various stages of armoring, depending upon the type of ballistic the customer wants. Lighter armor does not add as much weight, but it only stands handguns. The heaviest armor really weighs a vehicle down, but it can stand a sniper rifle as well.

Often vehicles are armored depending upon the needs of the customer and the level of security he wants and as per that the choice of weapons are made.



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