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If you have an international travel planned for the near future, you would have to consider getting a travel adapter for your gadgets so that you can use them overseas.

Listed below are a few guidelines that will help you in being conscientious of certain important pointers while making that purchase.


Conversion Of Plugs And Not Voltages

While discussing travel adapters, you will have to keep in mind that it would most likely just change the layout of the pins for the appliance or the charger to be used, and not modify the voltage that comes out of the power socket. This has to be taken into account when you are traveling to countries that are outside central and northern America and the Caribbean, to name a few. Except for these countries, the common number for the mains voltage ranges from 220 to 240 volts, making it double the amount of what is used in residential properties back in the aforementioned countries and regions. If you are unaware of this, you would not be able to take any precautions against the damages that might be caused to your gadgets because of such a high voltage. Therefore, you will be left with a burning smell or even a fried appliance while on your travels.
A majority of portable electronics have a warning label sticker on their exterior which is indicative of the range of voltages that it can handle safely. If you notice that it does not match up to 240 volts, you might have to consider purchasing a voltage converter as well.

The Size

Travel adapters are available in the market in a multitude of shapes and sizes. The spectrum stretches from a fairly simply designed single-region adapter to a bigger, more versatile version that can be used almost anywhere on the planet. Although the latter dispenses the provision of being universal, you would also have to account in its bulky size which would not work in your favor during four travels. They are relatively bigger and heavier than their counterparts, leading to several problems. One of them is that because of their excessive weight, they might tend to fall out of the socket. Apart from that, if they are quite wide, they will most likely block the socket that is situated behind them as well.
To counter these problems, get a smaller adapter instead. You could even get a set of adapters for your travels depending on where you plan to go to. Moreover, the added benefit of single-region chargers is that it is relatively cheaper in price.
Three Pin Plugs

The majority of travel adapters only provide for sockets for two-pin American plugs. This would not hold good if you are going to be using your MacBook, power strips, or any other gadgets that have a rounded earth pin. Therefore, make sure that you have made a note of all the devices you plan to use on your travel and make a purchase of a suitable adapter in accordance with that list. If you would like to evade this problem altogether, buy a three-pin version to be on the safe side.
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