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The wedding is a one-time experience in one’s life. Everybody has certain imaginations in the head as to how they will dress, what kind of decorations will they have on the venue, where will they spend their honeymoon period, etc. Nobody wants any loopholes and dreams only of perfection.

While it is easy to get caught into these fantasies, there are numerous things that require you to stay grounded and keep track of the minutest details.

Keeping that in mind, here is a detailed checklist of important things that should be carefully planned and well-thought to create a memorable experience for you and your loved ones –

The Venue

The location of the wedding plays a great role in making or breaking the day for your guests, which is why you should never hurry in finalizing a venue.

Here are a few things you should consider when searching for your perfect wedding venue:

  • Guest List & Capacity

Although it is not possible to have the exact number of your guests in hand, but always try to get an approximation and then check if the venue can accommodate all the guests comfortably.

  • Budget

When you plan to book any venue, consider the amount of budget you can spend. Don’t exceed your financial capacity and search for affordable options. Try to derive the maximum worth for each penny spent.

  • Ambience

Look out for a venue which has a suitable ambience. Visit the venue first and discuss with the representative as to how the occasion would be overall catered.

  • Meal Choices

It is important that the venue you choose offers great food in terms of variety and quality. Speak with the caterers to make sure you have a perfect menu.

The Wedding Decoration

Using beautiful flowers for decorating the venue can bring life to your dream wedding. However, there are a few things to consider:

  • Budget

Your budget will determine the types of flowers you can use in your bouquets, wedding centerpieces and décor.

  • Types of Flowers

Familiarize yourself with popular wedding flowers and decide whether or not you want fragrant ones.

  • Color Scheme

The wedding flowers need not match with the rest of the décor exactly, but rather complement your color scheme perfectly.

The Wedding Look

Dressing up for your big day is the most special feeling for a bride and groom. Here are some essentials that should not be forgotten:

  • Hair and Makeup

Get your makeup and hairstyle done from a professional. Take appointments from the stylists beforehand and decide the wedding look which will work the best for you.

  • Wedding Dress

When it comes to dressing, you can either buy or hire. Just make sure it fits you well or customized according to your body shape.

  • Inner Wear

It is important to invest in some quality inner wears and undergarments that are comfortable to wear and doesn’t peek out from your wedding dress.

  • Shoes

Shop for a good pair of a shoe that goes well with your outfit and doesn’t have your feet hurting at the end of the day.

  • Jewelry

This is especially for the brides – adding some accent jewelry to finish your look is important. You should choose your bridal jewelry long before the wedding day. Visit the best jewelry stores in your city and buy earrings, a necklace and an elegant bracelet matching with your wedding dress.



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