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Conversion of speech or audio files into written or electronic text document is known as transcription. An expert is able to multitask, research and speedy and accurate while typing. There are many ways in which you can become an expert. You could use the correct transcription equipment, learn to type faster and design an ergonomic work place. With time and practice, you would be able to see improvement in yourself.

  1. Use the right equipment

You can start by purchasing a good quality headphone. This would ensure that you hear all sounds clearly making it easy to understand. This would save the time you would otherwise spend in re-listening the audio. You can make use of a transcription software, such as InqScribe, Express Scribe, ect., that allows you to pause, rewind, speed up or slow down your audio. Such operations can also be performed using hot keys which is makes the process all the faster.

You can also use various correction tools, such as autocorrect on Microsoft Word or QuickCorrect in Word Perfect. This enable to type faster by reducing the number is key strokes. This also increases your accuracy. You might also want to explore the auto-complete function. Microsoft Word offers an auto-complete feature. Such software are also able to comprehend some of the abbreviations. Try to make the fullest of such features, as it greatly increases your accuracy and speed.

A USB foot pedal allows you to start and stop audio playback with your foot. This has been proven to be even faster than using hotkeys. You can also create templates, for different types of audios and then fill the in the necessary details. This helps you save time while recreating documents with similar formats.


  1. Learn to type faster

To type faster, one must make use of all his ten fingers. Even for a pretty good typist, it is difficult to use all his fingers to their full potential. You must learn to type like a professional to become an expert transcriptionist.

Touch-typing (typing without looking at your fingers) is an essential time saving technique. You must be able to master it. Practice till you achieve it.

For increasing your typing speed, you must be able to memorize all shortcuts. This would save a great deal of your time.


  1. Design an ergonomic workspace

To create a proper workspace, use a keyboard with small legs. This would protect your wrist and help your speed. You must also take care of your body posture. You must sit upright, keeping your back straight, allowing your forearms to slope down to your hands and your hands to arch over the keys. A comfortable position, will not only increase your speed but will also enable to you sit for long hours easily.

You can also use long headphone cable in order to sit comfortably. This helps ensure the health of your neck and keeps your head balanced, increasing your efficiency.

When you are transcribing for long periods of time, it is important to schedule regular breaks. This allows you to stretch your legs, refocus your eyes, and rest your ears.

If you follow these steps, you see an exponential growth in your transcription speed. You can also seek professional help to assist you in transcription.



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