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Dancing is not just learning to match steps with rhythm, but a lot more. It is not just a recreational activity but also boosts your physical and mental health and social life. While kids love to dance as it is fun and helps them make friends, adults join dancing classes for many different reasons. Dancing, apart from the fun also packs in various health benefits-

Boosts memory
Memorizing those steps to the music actually helps boosting your memory and age gracefully as shown by research in The New England Journal of Medicine. Studies indicate that dancing can help prevent health complications such as dementia which is associated with old age and memory loss.

Helps de-stress
Dancing is like meditation for your body. It helps release tension and stress. The rhythmic movements help release endorphins that instantly boost your mood. Dancing has been associated with reducing depression and anxiety while improving one’s overall sense of being, coping abilities and body image. Dancing rejuvenates and energises one with positivity.

Improves flexibility
Different dance forms like ballet, contemporary, salsa enhance flexibility on regular practice and eradicate the stiffness of joints. Joint pains and sores will be a thing of past if you dance regularly.

Improves heart health
Dancing is one of the best forms of cardiovascular activities that can help prevent common heart diseases. It was found in a study that slow-fast waltzing helped improve the heart and blood vessel function and overall quality of life of people with stable chronic heart failure just as much as a moderate aerobic exercise program did.

Helps burn calories
For people who want to lose weight, dancing is one of the best cardio exercises. Forms like zumba are becoming popular for weight loss. Dance forms like ballroom, ballet, hip hop etc will also help keep the flab away by burning excess calories. The benefits of dancing are equal to those of jogging, swimming or cycling.

Improves Balance
Dancing calls for coordinated fast and slow movements along with maintaining good postures which helps in stabilizing and controlling your body. It has been proven scientifically that dancing can help improve balance even in frail elderly people. It is also associated with improvements in gait, walking speed, and reaction time and well as cognitive and fine motor performance.

Helps socialize
Dance classes attract a large number of people. You could even join these classes together with a friend or your partner. You could meet people with similar interests and get a healthy dose of socializing every time you go for class.

However it should be notes that an individual may not gain all of these benefits by simply joining a dance class. It requires regular practice, dedication and healthy eating habits to achieve a realistic goal.

One important thing to keep in mind is to choose a dance form that one is most comfortable with as well as a dance instructor and studio which suits your requirements. Educate yourself about different dance forms and decide which one would be the best so wait no more, buy those dancing shoes and waltz into a healthier and happier life.

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