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Keeping your yard clean and organized will not improve the aesthetics of your house but will help you keep the unwanted mess out of your precinct. You might have seen that if your garden is all tipsy-turvy, it may be a hiding place for wild animals like rats, racoons, bats and many more who will not leave a single chance to intrude your area every night only to turn it into something messier. Can you even think about it? Nightmare, right?


However, there are various other reasons to maintain your yard and keeping it neat. It can also end your disputes with your neighbours who are tired to see your mess running into their garden by pesky little critters and code enforcement agencies. Besides, who doesn’t want an outdoor living space to spend some quality time after their busy day at work? Maybe you would like to call your friends for some chitchat or throw a house party on social occasions.


Keeping all the above points in mind, here are some of the ideas that will help you maintain your residential garden


1) Keep the grass neat- Lawn is one of the first things people will notice; hence, it creates the first impression that will allow people to judge your personality. The base of the lawn is grass; if there are bald spots and rotten grass in your garden, it is better to cut them. Mow it using a high blade every month and don’t forget to water them regularly since grass also needs nutrients to grow. Mowing and giving all the nutrients to your grass in the garden will make your yard appear lush green.


2) Keep the trees intact- Trees, if not maintained, can become a nuisance, especially when the branches of trees hang loosely on the roof obstructing the rainwater and clogging the downspouts. Besides, trees need to be pruned every season to keep them in good shape and watered regularly to keep them hydrated.


Tip- Plant the trees near the boundaries for they will block the prying eyes of your neighbours and keep the branches away from the roof, making the smooth flow of rainwater.


3) Plant seasonal flowers- Perennial and annual flowers add color to the garden. It is important to go with the seasonal flowers because during their growing season they bloom to the fullest by absorbing the nutrients from the soil; otherwise, the conditions all-round year are not satisfactory or their growth. As the season ends, pluck the dead flowers and plant the new seeds for the upcoming season.


4) Shrubs and vines- Shrubs softens the edges of the house and covers the naked areas making them look full, whereas you can create living walls by making the vines expand on it.


Although these changes are amazing but taking care of the intricate things becomes difficult when you are occupied with other responsibilities; therefore, it is best to hire certified garden maintaining company who will preserve your paradise and relieve you of the stress.

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