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Imagining life without an internet connection can be the worst nightmare. As we have advanced into the digital era, every work and transaction is being carried out online. Ranging from our online classes to sending money through google play, every transaction requires a strong network. A day without using social media feels incomplete and uninteresting. A good internet connection has become a basic need for every household. Apart from this, it has left no communication barriers. It has become so flexible to talk to our friends, relatives living in various parts of the world. Our days have become so exciting as we can watch out favourite series on Netflix or make a video to the person sitting in the other corner of the world. When we are so used to this convenient and comfortable life, occasional problems with our connection can cause us frustration. A good router can make a considerable difference to the speed of the internet connection. So let us consider few ways to maintain the efficiency of the router:

Reboot your device: Simple reboot can fix many issues that you face with your router. If you cant log in through the app, you can directly turn it off and then turn on the router. This can be the best strategy to use when you have any troubles or technical issues with the Wifi.

Location of your router: The location of the router is significant to its good speed. Keeping a centralised location is beneficial because it will ensure all the devices are getting a sound connection. Remove all the clutter from the side and make sure the router is not placed in the periphery. There must be no obstructions in between, and the appliances such as refrigerator, cabinets must be kept away as they will absorb the signals. More obstacles and hindrances will make the wifi connection weak.

Set up a new antenna: You can improve the router’s speed by setting up a new antenna. The antenna that comes with most of the routers is awful and of inferior quality. Getting an amplified antenna will help you in the long run. This step will provide a better range and better coverage.

Change the channel: Wifi routers use radio frequencies to transmit and receive data from one device to another. The frequencies are divided into several channels. Urbanized areas may have issues with the seed of the Wifi because there might be multiple wifi routers operating through the same channel. It is vital to see the saturation before changing the channel. There are plenty of free tools to check the airwaves and let you know which medium is suitable.

Change your password and name of the network: It is essential to keep a password that is not easily detectable. Some people keep a straightforward and common password that their neighbours can easily hack. This can cause interference in the speed of the wifi .as more devices are connected to the same wifi network, and we will definitely face issues with the activity of the Wifi.





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