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Carpets add a rich look to the decor of your house but are also prone to dust, liquid spills and stains. It’s all about using the best methods to keep them looking as good as new. Below are some expert approved methods of carpet maintenance and of dealing with common dried on stains like those of coffee, gravy, wine, mud, pet messes and more.



Refresh high-traffic areas

Often due to high traffic, carpets get imprints of trails on them. A simple way to revive your carpet is to use a powdered or foam carpet cleaner on the matted path regularly between heavy-duty cleanings and follow it up with a vacuum.


Keep Dirt Outside
Carpets wear off quickly due to dirt. It is the biggest enemy of your carpet and the best way to prolong its life and keep it looking like new is to avoid dirt as much as possible. Avoid using shoes in the house especially on the carpeted areas. You can place a show-rack near the door and request family members to change inside. Place doormats outside the bathroom, kitchen and entryways to clean off any dirt before stepping on to the carpet. A broom can be placed near the entryway to stave off dirt from settling onto the doormat.


De-grit Doormats
The doormats you place can only prevent dirt from entering inside in to your carpets if they are kept clean. Make sure you regularly clean your doormats as well. You can clean them in the washer and then tumble-dry low if the care tag allows. If not, you can always use a vacuum. De-gritting should be done after regular intervals. Vacuum both sides of the carpet, as you do the back of it, the grit on the front will come out. You can just beat it with your and or a stick to get rid of it.

Here is a tried and tested method of removing stubborn stains from carpets-
Fill an empty spray bottle with cold water. In another spray bottle, add ¼ teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid and 1 cup of warm water. On an absorbent cloth, spray some detergent solution and dab on the carpet on the spot. Do not rub. Keep blotting till the stain dissolves and as it does, start blotting with a clean section of the cloth. Continue doing the same till the stain is completely dissolved. To remove the detergent from the carpet, take another cloth, spray it with some cold water and remove the detergent from the carpet with it. To dry it, dab with a dry cloth. To remove any residual stain and dry the carpet completely, place a stack of paper towels or fold a mul cotton cloth on top of the cleaned area, cover it with a heavy pot or any heavy object and leave overnight. Fluff the fibers with your fingers and allow to air dry in the morning


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