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When moving to a new location, whether a new state, city or a new home down the road, it is helpful and comforting to know that the individuals relocating your belongings have a track record of great moves. Below are steps you can follow to ensure the moving team you decide to hire will be the best choice during your move.

Research, research, research. Search “moving company reviews” in your area to read others’ experiences with local moving companies. If you are moving long-distance, take note as to whether there will be one team of moving professionals handling your move, or if movers will be switched out during your move. It is always a relief to know that just one team of movers will touch your belongings from start to finish. This will give you a good idea as to the care that will be taken with your belongings – if one team is held responsible throughout the entire move, the more likely they’ll treat your items like their own.

Review. Company websites can do wonders for your decision in choosing a moving team. Upon looking up the website, take care to review each part of the company site. Do they truly care about the community? How are employees trained? How many years’ experience do employees have, and how long has the company itself been in business? These can all be telling factors, and will help you decide if their team is the right choice to trust.

Network. Post on social networks that you’re seeking a great moving team. You never know who may know someone who knows someone. Whether you’re looking for extra hands to help pack (with a reward of pizza, of course), or really can’t seem to find the right company to take care of you and your belongings during your move, you can bet someone in your network will be able to help you out in some way, shape or form.

Be picky. Don’t be afraid to have standards when deciding upon a team of movers. If a moving company doesn’t pass one of your requirements, don’t be afraid to explore other options. There is always going to be other moving professionals who will truly take care and meet each and every expectation, so you can remain as stress-free as possible during your move.

Begin researching a month or even two months before your actual move date. When giving yourself an appropriate amount of time, you will be able to effectively jump over any hurdles that may come up and you will truly know that you have chosen the right movers for your relocation. These can be quick and easy ways to ease the pain of moving just a bit. Visit the link for more great ideas and tips for moving in Salt Lake City.


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