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Are you looking to hire a cleaning service for your Airbnb listing? If you have a vacation rental property and you want to ensure higher guests’ satisfaction then cleanliness should be your priority. For your guests, there can be nothing more appealing than a sparkling and spotless vacation home. And to ensure cleanliness and hygiene, you need trained cleaners. If you end up hiring incompetent cleaners, your beautiful home could easily become cluttered or chaotic. And this could give you bad reviews that will ultimately take your business and reputation down. Wondering how to find the right vacation rental cleaning service?

Whether you have single or multiple rental properties, it’s crucial to find professional cleaners to keep your place in good condition. You may find several cleaning services online but not all of them can be trusted. You need to hire a reliable Airbnb cleaning service that can take care of your property after each guest checkout or thoroughly clean a few times a week/month.

The company you hire should specialize in Airbnb cleaning service. This is important because cleaning services required for vacation rental properties are different than normal residential cleaning needs. So, before you hire a cleaning service, it’s important to first conduct some online research. On that note, here are some tips to help you hire the right Airbnb cleaning company.

Certification & Accreditations

When choosing a cleaning company, you need to check some legal requirements. The company you hire should be licensed and experienced. The most reliable companies also have accreditations or affiliations with professional organizations. If the company is listed on the Better Business Bureau then it’s a good indication. The rental property cleaning services should also have a comprehensive insurance policy to cover the costs of any damage done to your home, any theft, or if an injury occurs on your property.

Level of Experience and Training  

The company should also have years of experience in the cleaning industry. You need to make sure that the company provides ongoing employee training on the latest cleaning techniques and safety protocols. They should also perform background checks of the cleaners to ensure your safety.

Service Offered

Another factor to consider is the type and level of service offered. As mentioned above, vacation rental property cleaning requires different skills, so make sure the company offers services you need such as hard flooring treatments, carpet and upholstery cleaning, or special event cleaning. You should also ask about the cleaning methods and equipment used by the company. When you hire a professional cleaner, you should expect that they’re using the best equipment and safe cleaning products.

Consider Online Reviews

Online reviews are not only important for your business but also other companies need it. Just like how your happy guests write positive reviews, similarly satisfied customers also write good reviews for reliable cleaning companies. However, when checking reviews remember that few bad ones don’t matter. But if the company has a majority of negative reviews then that’s a red flag.



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