The industry we knew as an offline industry where each and every work was done by mere touch, has changed its way of operation in the previous decades. Starting from letters, written documents, packaging done by hand to mails, sending digital documents via the internet and using automated machines to increase production of the products where selecting the good raw material and doing the final packaging are all done by using technology.


Management of all the things in a warehouse, production house or in a storage facility can be simply done by using a barcode technology. Even a small business will be in trouble of all the processes that are to be conducted specially during the pandemic i.e., during COVID. Barcode software will prove to be hugely beneficial for your enterprise.


Barcode Software

 The software enables you to engage into processes that reduce human error and improves inventory management. The issues with productivity with a barcode software is identified accurately and solved efficiently. Well known advantage of a barcode is of significantly faster and easier operation than documentation and typing data manually. The process of receiving orders, shipping them, counting inventory, tracking the shipped products, including integrating the orders with the accounting system or software can be easily handled and maintained using barcode software. Streamlining the inventory and preventing error is vital.


Barcode Tools


The hardware consists of components such as barcode scanners, printers, chargers, cables and wires, and other items for barcoding processing. The software and hardware together pulls up information and details of products. For instance, a particular code given to a product – the information is stored in the database and is used for the production, processing, shipping and providing the customer the details of that product solely. Whenever the particular barcode is scanned, the details of the product will be instantly displayed on the screen. The method or tasks includes the communication between the inventory and the database related to it. Updating, adding new products, counting damaged and deleted products, saving the details, the number of orders and the destination of a particular product is done with the help of the tools. The overall process is far more efficient with the serial numbers being maintained and processed robustly.



Types of barcode


The variety of barcodes come with limitations as well as its own unique quality. These varieties provide you with multiple options to choose the correct barcode for your business and the products.


  1. UPC barcodes are used for labelling and scanning consumer goods for global shipments and sales. UPC is an abbreviation for Universal Product Code; easily detection of product w.r.t size, color, item is used. EAN barcodes are primarily used in European countries but are very similar to UPC codes; only difference being the location.
  2. Code 39 is used by the automotive and defense industry. It uses both characters and digits for encoding a product. This barcode is easily decoded by any barcode reader.
  • Supply chain industries use Code 128; the codes are high-density compact codes for logistics and transportation of products.
  1. Interleaved ITF is used for packaging suited for corrugated cardboard boxes.


The barcodes can be easily customized with the type of product and the enterprise you hold.

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