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Mobile phone repeaters basically amplify signals in between a mobile phone and a network base station and are able to improve coverage in areas where signals are not strong enough.

Mobile phone repeaters basically consist of three key components : a reception antenna, a bi-directional signal amplifier and one or more than one rebroadcast antennas. Usually such repeaters are installed inside buildings and allow signals from outside into the building.

Mobile phone repeaters can be classified into two kinds:

  • Static mobile phone repeaters: Static mobile phone repeaters are basically used indoors and they work to increase the coverage inside homes, buildings and offices. They cannot be used in motion i.e. inside a vehicle. The part that connects both repeater and mobile phones together is called downlink and it must not be used outside rather it should be used in a closed building. They totally boost the indoor signals especially where the coverage is not good enough.
  • Low gain mobile phone repeaters: This second type of repeater is used inside cars and other road vehicles in order to enable the coverage there. They improve the strength of signal inside a vehicle. These repeaters are designed in a way to overcome the bad signal or loss of signal that may take place between an external antenna on the outside of a vehicle.


Mobile phone repeaters boost your signals and allow you comfortable and convenient communication within the area of coverage.

Below given are some benefits of mobile phone repeaters :

  • Mobile phone repeaters are quite easy to install. There’s no need for any specialist for its installation and you can even set it on your own just by following the instruction manual. The repeater comes along with all its tools and doesn’t require any other accessory. In addition to that mobile phone repeaters being a wireless technology allows more convenient and easy communication.
  • There is a wide variety of mobile phone repeaters available in the market depending upon your need for area coverage, purpose and frequency. Therefore, it is advised to study the nature of the network you need beforehand and then opt for a particular mobile phone repeater.
  • Mobile phone repeaters increase the battery life because the mobile phone saves its power rather than wasting it on searching for a poor signal, hence the signal remains strong while enabling a longer battery life.
  • Another advantage of mobile phone repeater is that it lowers the amount of radiations that your mobile phone exhibits, thereby protecting your health.


So all in all these mobile phone repeaters are suitable for people with poor or bad indoor reception. It increases the indoor coverage of mobile phone services.

By having a mobile phone repeater installed you can enjoy uninterrupted clear calls and fast speed of the internet from anywhere. For all those areas where signals are weak these repeaters are the best solution to boost the signal strength. It is easy to install and maintain and it does not require any expert assistance.

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