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Corporate events are a great way to connect to your customers, distributors, and employees and build a forever relationship with them. These events are more on a serious note as it involves intense discussions on a company’s state of affairs and launch of a new product or service. However, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be fun or entertaining in any way.

Business conferences and corporate events are a way to foster a community. So, if you want to kick off an awesome event, involve yourself in proper planning and understanding. Consider these tips to have your event go as smoothly as possible –

  1. Know the Purpose of the Event

Corporate events are not only about the company. They can be organized for a plethora of reasons – from Christmas party to introducing a new product to the customers to an event for a team-building exercise.

Thus, you must find out your motive behind the corporate event being planned. Is to impress the clients or to let your employees have a hardcore party? All this will eventually determine the theme of your event.

  1. Pick a Date

This may sound like an easy deal but is in fact, one of the most difficult points of the event management. It is so because you want the highest attendance with least chances of a conflict. So, pick your potential dates when you think the majority of your business partners and other key members will be available.

A smart way to do that is to send out an email or poll and ask them to vote on the date to when they can be present. By checking their calendars, you can be certain that there are no other conflicts.

  1. Be Mindful of the Budget

Corporate event budgets can be tricky to handle. They can vary as per your company’s size and the will of your management. So, sit with them and discuss how much they are ready to spend overall on the event – from planning to execution.

Whatever numbers you get from them, don’t go out using it all. Try to stay within 90% of the limit and keep aside the rest 10% for contingency or any unforeseen issues.

  1. Find an Appropriate Venue

In a city like Ontario, there are hundreds of places available for holding an event. However, you need to look out for a place that is local and accessible. Also, take into account your venue needs that suit your event – are you looking for an art gallery? Or do you wish for booking a private dining room?

Also, be clear on the expectations you have in terms of food. Talk to your team members for some ideas and choose a lunch buffet or dining menu that pleases your audience. And do make time to speak with your caterers and taste the food first so that you know the quality before you serve.

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