Flute Practice Mistakes to Avoid – ListDen

Are you passionate about learning flute and taking online sessions? If yes, then you might be making some mistakes unknowingly that can make flute playing difficult for you. To become a pro you must learn all those mistakes so that they can be avoided.


Playing the flute on the bed – Sitting on the bed while playing the flute can have a negative impact on your posture. Your neck will get uncomfortable after continuous practice, and breathing will also become difficult. Flute players need steady and well-supported breath to play the flute efficiently. So, it is suggested to sit straight on the chair with your feet on the floor during your practice sessions. Bring flute close to your lips instead of bending forward to reach down to your flute.


Playing fast while practicing – Many beginners think that playing faster is masterful. But, in reality, making hurry in learning the flute can mess-up everything for you. Relax, slow down the learning process, and build speed incrementally to ensure that articulation, tone, note fingering and dynamics etc. are all being practiced.


Not practicing consistently – As you are well aware of the saying that practice makes a man perfect, same holds true over here. You can’t become pro at playing the flute by just practicing once or twice a month. ‘Muscle memory’ needs time to develop. You have to repeat an action again and again to become an expert. So, stay consistent with your practice sessions to become successful.


Practicing for too long – Generally, beginners feel breathless, dizzy and sore in their facial muscles. So, if you feel tired after 10 or 15 minutes, don’t distress over it. You can’t learn to play the flute overnight. It will take time to build the stamina. An ideal way is to practice more often for shorter periods than playing continuously for a longer time.


Overlooking your tone – All the rhythms and notes are totally wasted if they don’t sound pleasing. So, make sure to get some time to experiment with your embouchure and develop beautiful, clear tone.


Stopping on making a mistake – Can you undo the mistake once it is made? Obviously not! But you can learn from it. You cannot stop amid your performance for some mistake; so, train yourself to just keep playing.


Skipping the scales – When it comes to scales, many flute learners tremble. But actually, they are the foundations of music. Scales will develop your ear training and will help you to sight-read new pieces easily.


Not removing the distractions – If your phone rings continuously, you won’t be able to concentrate on your flute learning sessions. It’s extremely crucial to keep distractions at bay if you are a serious learner and want to become a flutist.


Not showing love to the flute – A flute can only produce pleasant sounds for you if it is maintained properly. Being an owner of the flute, you must wipe the outside of the flute after every session with a dry cloth. Also, make sure to get the flute repaired immediately on sensing an issue.




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