Five Ways to Handle a Residential Lockout – ListDen

Nothing as scary as getting locked out of your home in the middle of the night and having no spare keys to save you in such an emergency. But don’t be in a panic and remember the following tips to get out of the situation:

  1. Phone a Friend

It is an extremely frustrating and inconvenient feeling realizing that you forgot your home keys inside and cannot open the locked door. However, if, by any chance, you gave out the spare keys to your trusted family member or friend, you are lucky enough and can call them up to come over with the keys.

If you are living in a rental home, then your landlord can be your life savior as they usually have a copy of the house key, and if they live close by or in the same city, then you wouldn’t be stranded outside for too long. If you are in an apartment complex, contact the managers/supervisors and ask them to let you in after showing a valid proof of your identity.

  1. Look Out for Open Doors or Windows

Of course, it is not sensible to leave the doors or windows unlocked,  but when stuck in such a situation, you wish you left it so. An open window is an easy way to gain access to your home. However, extreme caution has to be taken.

If your windows are high enough, you are likely to go off balance. There may be furniture, television, glass table, or other items lying below the window. Thus, be careful when taking the final leap inside.

  1. Try to Get-In Using a Plastic Card

Well, your credit cards not only give you access to shopping and lounge benefits, they sometimes help you solve the locked-door puzzle. They are used to hit the lock mechanism and press it hard to unlock it. Plastic or laminated cards work the best due to their great flexibility. The cards do get damaged in this process, so make sure to pick only that card that you don’t mind destroying.

Undoubtedly, this step is tricky and time-consuming, but it is the only option when nothing works, or no other help is available.

  1. Pull Out the Door Knob

If the deadbolt on your door has not been in use, you can take off the doorknob. You only need some help from your friend or a neighbor along with a few tools like hammer, screwdriver or knife, nail, and a paperclip.

Now, remove the handle and hinge screws. Apply pressure to pull and twist the doorknob and your door should easily unlock.

  1. Call for Emergency Locksmith Services

Trying your hands on unlocking a door without prior experience often leads to more damage and expenses in the end. Therefore, when faced with a residential lockout, calling a reliable locksmith should be your first measure of action.

These kinds of service providers ease up your stress of standing in front of a locked door in the freezing winters or late at night by coming to your residence and providing quality service.



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