Five Smart Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in a Commercial Building – ListDen

If you have just started your business, then cost-savings might be high on your mind. And while you cannot cut in terms of your limited workforce, you can resort to other practical ways to keep a check on your expenses and take care of the environment.

You would be surprised to know that small businesses possess great potential for energy savings. With simple behavioral changes and office building modifications, they can reduce their utility bills by as much as thirty percent – that too without compromising on their comfort.

Energy is usually a major expense for all kinds of organizations. So if you wish to save it along with your money at your office, the following mentioned tips can help you –

  1. Have a Paperless Rule

Many of you may not notice that photocopy machines and printers that you use so ignorantly tend to consume two very important resources of this planet – electricity and trees (used for manufacturing papers). By going paperless and avoiding printing off sheets, you get to contribute your bit to save these precious and costly resources. You can resort to digital alternates instead – email and Google Drive, for instance.

  1. Inspect your HVAC

Your heating and cooling system may provide a comfortable indoors for your staff, but add up to your energy bills. Things take an expensive turn if your HVAC’s performance goes low. You can keep seeing a spike in energy usage with the deteriorating health of your HVAC system. However, by fine-tuning it yearly and replacing the air filters regularly, you may see a different result. It may give astounding results if worked along with a programmable thermostat.

  1. Opt for Solar Power

Considering the exhaustion of different electricity sources, I cannot stress enough the importance of solar energy. From reducing operating costs to helping you go green, the benefits are numerous – both for residential and commercial premises. All you need is an extra roof to install solar panels and you can harness as much energy as you need from the sun and store it for your future use.

  1. Turn Down the Air Conditioner

More than heating, it is your cooling system that eats up the major chunk of electricity available to you. That is why your electricity bill rises in the heat of summer. But, there is a trick that can help you through it: turn down your AC temperature settings. 20-24°C is considered an optimum temperature, so ensure your air conditioner auto-cuts when you reach this level.

  1. Install Thermally Broken Aluminium Windows

The metal windows and doors work the best in office buildings for their structural strength, but they are not preferred due to their mismanaged energy-efficiency. Aluminium, steel and bronze tend to heat easily and do little to nothing to combat cold days. Fortunately, there are now upgraded models available with “thermal breaks”. Also called thermally broken windows, these are made of high-quality insulator material that acts as a protective mark against thermal transfer.



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