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Building a beautiful landscape outside your property is a great way to have yourself a relaxing and peaceful space. In a well-kept lawn, you can spend your summer evenings and your kids can play all day. You can even host BBQ parties and socialize with your loved ones. And not just that, a properly maintained lawn helps you enhance the looks of your home and boost its resale value later down the road.

If you are new to gardening and feeling overwhelmed with regards to its maintenance, here are five tips to help you:

Cleaning Up

This aspect should come as a no-brainer but since the majority of homeowners turn a blind eye to it, I have to bring it to limelight again. Cleaning your lawn before the onset of every season is much required so that your front yard and backyard can look crisp all year long. You can do that by checking the flowerbeds in your garden and removing the unnecessary debris, pinecones, needles, weeds, leftover leaves, and rotted mulch. You can contact a green waste removal service for helping your through.

Mowing and Edging

The plants tend to grow really quickly in the spring season and not mowing them often would make your lawn look shabby. In fact, when you mow frequently, you make way for healthy plant growth and save the grass from unwanted stress. However, refrain from mowing in the summer, or during hot, dry spells. In addition, consider investing in a good edge trimmer to eliminate the grass edges and add a finishing touch to your garden look every week.


Everyone knows that water and sunlight are the most crucial elements for plants to flourish well. Although the watering needs vary for each plant type, you would need one inch of water every week to aid a healthy root system. Don’t go on watering fanatically every day. Instead, get an irrigation system with a built-in sensor to water the lawn in the right amount and only when required.

Controlling Weed Growth

Fertilizing and watering your grass automatically removes the majority of weed problems. Using herbicide in early spring and resorting to spot treatments during summers is an easy way to prevent weed growth in the first place. However, if you do witness a few weeds here and there, mow them right away. Considering using mulch to improve the structure of soil and stop the weeds from growing further.

Restoring the Damage

With a lot of things like heavy traffic, kids at play, pests, fungus or disease creating havoc in your lawn, the amount of damage can spread beyond your imagination if not given timely attention. Hence, look out for any overwhelming damages in your lawn on a regular basis and repair them at the earliest to ensure its good health.

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