The kitchen is the heart of every home. Whether you use it for cooking your daily meals or enjoying your favorite delicacies, this is one such area that needs to be done right no matter how long it takes or what it costs. Other than the layout, ventilation and natural light are two things that you have to be considerate of; only then you can create a kitchen that looks bigger and brighter.

A crucial element that helps in balancing the design and functionality you desire is the windows. The right type and style opens up your space and becomes a major focal point of the area. But what kinds of replacement windows help achieve that goal – that is the point of our discussion now.

Before heading further with the best window options I know of, here are a few parameters you have got to keep in mind:

·       Convenience and Usage

·       Amount of Air Circulation

·       Type of Aesthetics

·       Degree of Privacy

·       Intensity of Natural Light Entering the Home

Once, you are clear on these needs; make your choice amongst any of the following window styles –

1.     Bay and Bow Windows

Such windows have an expansive opening, thereby allowing you to enjoy more light and picturesque view during the day time. They bring in the entire outdoor feeling when sitting inside and successfully serve as your breakfast or dining nook. The best part about these windows is that they are extremely versatile and do an impressive job in enhancing the existing look and feel of the space.

2.     Sliding Windows

These are well-known for their ease of usage and contemporary designing. Unlike conventional windows that move up and down, the sliding windows that I am talking about here glide from right to left. They make a perfect choice for above sinks and countertops and help you control the air circulation you want in the space while you cook.

3.     Double-Hung Windows

This kind of window style is one of the oldest, yet most popular for most of the homeowners even today because of the commendable level of ventilation they offer. They can be opened either from top or bottom and have safety latches to deter unwanted intruders and your little kids from opening it up when you are not looking.

4.     Floor to Ceiling Windows

Floor to ceiling windows are great at providing a full-length view of the outside and making the separation with the exteriors less prominent. These windows bring loads of light into the area and give an illusion of huge space. They work great for modern homes and add a glamorous touch to the kitchen interiors.

5.     Casement Windows

Despite numerous window options, casement windows remain to be an ideal choice in traditional homes. They operate on the crank and large sash that lets you fully open them and witness an unobstructed view. You do get control over as to how much or how little to open for ventilation and light; however, bad weather can pose a limitation.

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