Five Expert Tips for Safe Piano Moving – ListDen

With a long list of items you need to move to your new home, a piano is one such item that needs most care and attention. A piano is unlike your furniture. It is delicate and bulky and any single damage to the components can get very expensive to repair or replace. Also, not being able to handle it properly can cause major injuries to your home and your back, particularly if you are moving it down through stairs, elevators or tight spaces.

So, if you want to ensure a safe piano transport, refer to the following expert tips –

  1. Cover the Keyboard

The first thing to do before moving your piano is to close and lock its keyboard lid. That is important to prevent the fragile keyboard from opening up or getting damaged during relocation. However, if the lid is unable to lock, make sure it closed before wrapping up and you don’t use any tape; otherwise it may cause harm to the wooden surface.

  1. Wrap it Up

Whether you use blankets or padding, wrap the piano really well. Ensure that whatever fabric or material you use for covering are thick enough and all the corners duly secured with packing tape to safeguard the piano against bumps on the way. But, be careful of not using the tape over the piano’s surface.

  1. Lift it Properly

When lifting the piano, be extra cautious to keep it in an upright position and not lift it by legs as they are at more risk than any other part. It is best to place a strap on each end with one person holding one strap, which means that have four people in total supporting all of the four corners and for easy lifting onto the furniture dolly or truck.

  1. Secure it in the Truck

Talking about how the piano should be secured in the truck for safe transportation to your new home, consider the back wall, the one that separates the truck’s interior cab from the space in the back. But, first place some wood planks to level the flooring inside the truck and later add extra straps along with blankets once it is in. This will help stabilize your piano and protect it from climate during the move.

  1. Be Ready for Move-In

Before moving your piano into a new home, look for the doorways from which it can go through seamlessly and not get stuck anywhere. In case that doorway happens to be from the back of the house, it is best to take the assistance of a dolly. Also, decide it early where you wish to place the piano. Look for an inside wall that is free of cold month’s impact and dampness during the rains.

Piano moving is a risky and stressful task. Thus, it is better to take help of a professional piano moving company that has years of experience in the field and got all the perfect equipment for safe handling.



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