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Window tinting has become a huge trend these days. It is a commendable way to enhance privacy and looks of your vehicle and provide it with much-needed UV protection. However, just like other automotive parts, it needs proper care.

So, if you have recently got your car windows tinted, then keep in mind the following tips to keep it well-maintained, safe, and in a great condition for months to come:

  1. Avoid Touching it After Installation

The best way to look after your newly installed tinted window films is not touching or poking it right away after installation. When the tints are fresh, all sorts of contact should be avoided with them – at least for the initial two weeks. That will allow the tints to settle well and prevent any bubble formation later.

  1. Clean it Regularly

This is extremely crucial. After your window tinting gets completely settled, you need to make sure that you clean it with a light mist and a soft dry cloth or a paper towel regularly. That will help you remove all the dirt that gets accumulated every day and prevent the dust from building up in stubborn layers on the surface. If there are any streaks left even after cleaning, repeat the process but with the fresh side of the cloth.

  1. Wash it Often

Along with regular dusting, window tinting experts recommend washing the tinted windows with liquid soap or detergent every two to three weeks to get rid of the dirt from the core. However, make sure you use only natural cleaning agents and stay away from chemicals loaded products as they can end up damaging the thin, delicate plastic films easily. Once you are done washing the exterior side, clean the interior side as well thoroughly.

  1. Use Glass Cleaners for Extra Shine

When it comes to attaining a bright shine on your tinted windows, glass cleaners work the best. You find them easily in the market and help keep the new appearance of your windows intact. But, you need to ensure that there is no ammonia present or else you can end up degrading your tint quickly. Watch out for blue-colored glass cleaners that have ammonia in them.

  1. Shield your Vehicle

Though tinted windows are meant to act as a barrier for the driver and the car interiors from the sunlight, it doesn’t mean you will expose them directly to UV rays throughout the day. Window films do get damaged and become less efficient if exposed to unwanted sunlight. Hence, make sure you cover them entirely with a cloth or vehicle shield fabric to extend its life span.

Window tinting needs to be replaced, but mostly not very soon. You don’t need to replace it just because it is dirty or has a bubble or crack. These are minor issues that can be fixed by your local tinting expert. It is only when the window tints are worn out or are in bad condition, you need a replacement.

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