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If you love exotic wines, possibly you’re looking to build a wine cellar in your home. Building a fantastic wine cellar is something that every wine collector dreams of. A wine cellar not only looks classy but can also put your precious collection at the display. It enhances the value of your home while helping you show off your great collection to your guests.

Creating a personal wine cellar is the best way to store precious wines safely and enjoy them for the longest time. But upgrading from a wine cooler to a wine cellar requires proper planning. Building a wine cellar is a significant investment, so make sure you seek the help of a professional. You may hire a wine cellar expert for designing and installing a cellar in your home. However, before you call an expert, it’s better to consider a few important factors.

When it comes to building a custom wine cellar in your home, it’s crucial to determine your storage needs, functions and space requirement, as well as your budget. You will also need to think about elements like a vapor barrier, insulation, proper lighting, humidity, and temperature controls. So, if you want to sip wine from (or in!) the wine cellar, here are some tips to help you create a cellar of your dreams. The following factors will help you in designing and building a custom wine cellar that you’ll love for years to come.

Determine Location

First, you need to pick the right location for building a wine cellar. Ideally, you should choose the coolest area of your house which is away from direct sunlight and heat. If you have a basement, this can be the best place for setting a cellar. Basement tends to be cold and damp which makes it a perfect location. In case, you’re choosing garage then make sure it receives minimal light and the temperature fluctuations are not extreme. You may also create a wine cellar in a closet or space under the stairs.

Choose the Best Material

Your wine racks are going to bear the load of your precious wine bottles. Picking inferior quality material may damage your bottles because these are not strong enough. So, always go for superior quality, heavy-duty wine racks to hold your wine collection. The material you choose will also determine the overall look of your cellar. If you want a modern look, stainless steel wine racks can be the right choice. There are also wooden, ceramic, and terracotta wine racks available for a traditional look.

Temperature and Humidity

The most important factor is maintaining the right temperature so that your wine age properly. Extreme temperatures are the biggest enemy of wine that can interfere with the aging process. If the temperature of your cellar keeps fluctuating, it can make the cork expand and contract. So, make sure to keep the temperature around 50-60 degrees and a humidity of 60-70 percent. You should invest in a wine cooling system that has a built-in humidity management system. If your cooling system doesn’t have this function, you may need to get a humidifier system also. Besides this, you will also need to think about the proper lighting system.

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