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Every house has valuable and precious things that cannot be kept anywhere freely to be noticed by anyone who enters your home, be it your neighbours, relatives or workers. They must be kept in locked and safe places such as safes to protect them from the prying eyes of everybody who enters your premises.


There are a variety of safes available that could be fitted anywhere including vaults, safe deposit boxes, custom luxury safes and many more. One type of safe that remains a practical solution is the floor safe that can represent an effective solution to defend your valuables against theft, fire, and other disasters.


Floors safes are easy to install since they do not take up extra space in the room. They can offer impeccable protection as it is difficult for the burglars to detect them. Even if somebody discovers them, removing them from the floor would be a challenge.


You can make changes as per your requirements before installing the floor safes as they are available in different type such as small, large, modern, traditional or even options like analog and digital are possible. They are the permanent security feature because of their complex installation.


Types of Floor Safes-


Besides being an affordable and a convenient option, they are concealed within the foundation of the house, offering fantastic burglary protection. You can choose to install floor safes from a reputed safe company of any type and build. Here are some of the options mentioned below-


  • Lift-Out Door Tubular Body Floor Safes: They are simple and effective since it comes with a removable dial and is manipulation resistant.
  • Lift-Out Door Rectangular Body Floor Safes: They are tubular body safes which are water-resistant and manipulation-resistant and available with security features for optimum protection.
  • Value guard Floor Safes: These vaults are ideal for seamless concealment and come with a simple 3-number combination lock.


Benefits of Floor Safes-




It is impossible to steal from a safe that is concealed and hard to spot. Floor and wall safes could be easily covered in rugs or wallpapers. Besides, they do not need coverings like rugs; you can custom build them in a way they match with your flooring. Therefore, floor safes and wall safes excel in concealment.


Security Perks-


With concealment comes security perks since your floor safe is encased in the concrete and difficult to remove. Only the person entitled to security codes can open it easily. Besides, these vaults come with various security features to open them that may include multi-locking systems, digital coding or a fingerprint of a specific person.


Fire and Impact-


Since your safe will be enclosed in concrete, it will offer more fire-resistant properties. Besides, it will not get affected by other damages since it is deep inside the ground and have no risks of falling and breaking. This means you can be relieved from the stress of adding some expensive feature for the extra protection of your safe.

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