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Whether you are working as a janitor for an office or taking care of someone’s house, you need to know how to maintain a daily housekeeping schedule; you need to figure out a way to store your cleaning supplies. There are various types of cleaning products and tools that you might require to disinfect and sanitize different surfaces. All of these cleaning supplies have different methods to use and store them.


Being in the cleaning business, you must know how important it is for you to organize each product as specified by the manufacturer and use it until expired. Secondly, your knowledge of the cleaning supplies and the way you manage your cleaning supplies multipurpose trolley will build an impression on the customers.


To help you exceed your cleaning business, I am here to present some tips on how to organize your cleaning supplies but first, here are some important things that must consider-


1) Checking labels for storage recommendations- When finding the right storage place for the cleaners, you must keep in mind that cleaners are basically chemicals. So, it is better to check the warning and storage labels behind each product. Besides, there are instructions on how to use such cleaners because sometimes when they are mixed with other cleaners, it can cause chemical reactions, and that could be dangerous. Moreover, temperature fluctuations can cause hazardous responses so they must be stored at a certain temperature.


2) Keeping toxic chemical cleaners away from pets and children- Most of the people store cleaning supplies under their sink, in the bathroom or kitchen. It is okay for natural products like vinegar and baking soda, but chemicals like sanitizers and disinfectants must be kept away from your kids and furry friends (cats and dogs) either in the laundry room, garage or basement area.


How to Store Cleaning Supplies?


  • Cool and Dry Place- The cleaning supplies must be placed in a dust-free area free from debris and extreme temperatures that can either affect the composition of the product or initiate a chemical reaction. Place them cool, dry and moderate temperature conditions.


  • Safe Storage- As discussed earlier, put your cleaning supplies in secure storage away from pets and children. Keep them in a locked space that is hard for children to reach out must be considered.


  • Original Containers- Always keep cleaners in their original containers or bottles. If you want to mix certain cleaners, then pour them in a clean and sterile bottle and do not forget to put labels on them to avoid confusion, leading to hazards.


  • Cleaning Caddies- Sometimes, it becomes hard to find the bottles of cleaners that you have hidden from your children. Such things can lead to frustration. So, the best way to keep them together and safe are to place them in a caddie, or you can purchase a trolley for keeping your supplies. The advantage of keeping cleaning supplies in trolleys is you can travel it to places that you want to disinfect, and there will be absolutely no wastage oif time in finding the cleaning products as well.



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