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Sometimes life can deal us some challenges that we are not prepared for until we are faced with them head on. When we have lived in a beloved family home for many years and created many memories in that home, leaving it because of a disability that has rendered us unable to navigate the several floors it may have can be heart wrenching and unimaginable. Being unable to climb the stairs to a bedroom, or descend them to the laundry facilities can leave you feeling that you are cut off from fundamentals in your own home. This can lead you to think you will have to move to a bungalow style home and give up the house and memories you treasure.

This is not so if you consider installing a residential elevator or lift. Both options can be a bit of a cost initially to install, but the benefits of taking back your own home and all of its rooms will be a reward in itself. Installing an elevator if you have several floors in your house, or a lift if you have one or two stairways can open your house back up to you if you find yourself with a disability that renders stairs difficult to climb. There are many options available depending on the size of your house and where and how your stairwells are set up.

Elevators would be beneficial for those living in a home with multiple stories, to ensure that the person is able to access each level. A small, compact elevator that fits a single person and their wheelchair, and is easily operated by that one person, can be the option of worth for those who have larger houses with many levels. If you have staircases and no room to dedicate a portion of the house to a residential elevator, there are staircase lifts and staircase wheelchair lifts that cater to both those who are still mobile enough to walk about, but unable to navigate stairs, or those unable to manage stairs altogether. The options are available for all sorts of scenarios and abilities, so you will be able to find the perfect fit for you or your loved ones.

There are even options for vertical wheelchair lifts that are used outside of the home to be installed in those difficult to maneuver places inside the home, at a cost that is less than that of a home elevator. With so many choices available, one of these options, or the many others that can be tailored to your needs, can reinstate your freedom. Depending on your house configuration or the needs you present, there is no need to feel that a disability can close off your home to you. Freedom to move about your own house is a necessity, not a luxury, and with the options available to you, it can be returned in the form of residential lifts or elevators. Your life should be open to you, not shut off because of a disability.

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