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It is hard to part away with your prized car after it has been through your thick and thin of life. Despite years of rigorous usage and becoming entirely obsolete, it still turns out to be an overwhelming experience to junk it.

However, selling your junk car for cash is a better way to utilize it to your benefit than keeping it dead and useless in your garage. But bear in mind that just because it has gone useless or down in value doesn’t mean that it has no value at all. Hence, never accept any price less than its worth.

Selling an old car can be challenging when it is an old model or is not at all in good shape. So, don’t keep on waiting too long and decrease the value of your car to zero. Be sure you act smart and don’t commit any of these mistakes –

#1 – Hurrying with the first offer

It is natural to get impatient with the eyesore of the scrap car lying in your backyard, but if you seriously wish to get your hands on the best deal, you should learn to wait.

Until and unless you are in desperate need of cash, wait till you receive an acceptable offer. Make sure you go ahead with an offer when it meets or exceeds your asking price.

#2 – Giving too much information to the buyer

It is crucial to give all the necessary details to the prospective buyer of your old, junk or scrapped car before they quote the final price to you. However, don’t be extremely honest with drawbacks and negative points about your car. Someone who is buying it knows that the defects are bound to be there and can tackle them efficiently.

Therefore, simply share what is required and don’t go overboard by mentioning every minutest detail.

#3 – Not removing your personal accessories

People often forget to remove their personal items from their junk car. There might be important bills, a few bucks lying here and there, and important notes in the seatback pockets or glove compartments.

So, be sure to check beneath the seats, under the rugs, in the side door compartments and similar storage places because once your car is sold, it will be impossible to get your valuable documents or belongings back.

#4 – Donating your car

For the people who are sociably concerned and wish to donate junk cars to any person or organization, it is vital to consult an accountant before making such a move as these donations are difficult to deduct from your taxes.

Also, it is better to not to donate your car straightway to the charity. Rather, sell it for cash and then go ahead with the cash donations.

#5 – Ask for free towing

Generally, the companies dealing in junk cars purchase have their own pick-up or towing services. This relieves the sellers from the towing hassles. On the contrary, some buyers may ask you to drop the car at their doorstep which adds up to unnecessary trouble.

Hence, ensure that this responsibility is not thrown on you and the buyer himself offers you free towing.

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