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Conveyor belts are very important as they help to transport bulk materials. Bulk materials are not very easy to carry as it can lead to some serious injuries or even death of employees if they are not trained well. Training and working around conveyor belts is the fundamental part of preparing an employee in an industrial set up. This training will help them maintain safety. It is the responsibility of the management to convey its employees about the dangers related to the equipment and how can they save themselves by attaining good safety knowledge. Here are few conveyor belt safety tips that can help to work near or at a conveyor easy:


Conveyors have certain features like pinch points that can cause tremendous damage. If your shirt or pant gets stuck, it may cause some serious injuries. Further, watch your limbs while working as it may get caught in a pinch point that can harm or even tear off your limb. Industrial conveyors are never made for people to ride over it, so make sure to never sit, walk or occupy an industrial conveyor.


If a conveyor doesn’t work properly it can put your life on risk. Before using conveyor make sure to always inspect it. Find if no employee has misused or modified its functions. Every control should be easy to read and use. Train your employees to conduct a thorough inspection and place emergency stops in locations that are easily visible as well as accessible.


Conveyors can easily catch loose clothes or hair which may result in fatal injuries. It is wise to tie your hair and tuck it under a cap or keep your bracelet watches and other jewelry in the locker before you come near a conveyor. Baggy clothes are again dangerous, so stay alert and avoid wearing them. Tuck your shirt and remove your belts or ties to work near or at a conveyor without any risks.


Most companies that manufacture conveyors always try to make them safe. However, if you find a situation where it is not safe, ask the management to make modifications. Pinpoints must always be guarded so that it doesn’t cause any mishap. Those conveyors that run overhead should take extra precautions so that materials don’t fall from above and hurt any employee. Further, employees should be cautious of those conveyors that run at head height or carry material with the help of hooks as any employee could get stuck.


You should never work near or at a conveyor until and unless there is a clear signal that the necessary repairs have been made. Conveyors should be stopped and all its controls should be locked at the time of repair.

No matter if you are working near or at a conveyor or any other type of machinery, you are expected to stay alert and observe basic rules of safety. Furthermore, it is wise to report any malfunctions or unsafe conditions to your supervisor as an employee. Following the above steps will keep you ahead and help you eliminate any kind of hazard. It will also ensure the protection of your ability to earn a living.

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