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Owning a vehicle is not cheap, especially when you own a car. Cars are costly and the price usually depends on the model and the built. So, if you own a car, you must keep it in good condition so that it operates safely. Although, keeping a car in a proper running order may require some effort, yet that doesn’t mean you should acquire in-depth knowledge on the subject of mechanics.

The main thing is that you must be aware of those areas and parts that require more care and how often they must be treated for optimal vehicle upkeep. By knowing the basic requirements of your car, you must manage the car care routine services.

If you are planning to resell your car, keeping it in good condition can offer you a better deal. Therefore, inspect the areas in your car that asks for a replacement. Maybe the tyres are worn out that needs a substitution, the covers of the seats are dirty and require vacuuming or get the cracked windshield repaired.  These changes can increase the value of your car.

Besides, here are some car repair and maintenance tips that can help you avoid costly repairs. To track your car maintenance schedule, here is a checklist for your car-


1) The oil and coolant levels-

The oil helps in the smooth functioning of your car and if the oil levels are not right, your car won’t work. You can always check the level of the oil in your car by simply pulling out the dipstick and replacing the oil regularly. If you are planning to take your car on a long trip, I would suggest you to get under the hood of your car to inspect the level of oil and coolant levels while the engine is at normal temperature.


2) The tyre pressure-

It is important to keep the tyres in a running condition and the easy way to do is to monitor their condition using a tyre pressure gauge that is affordable and easy to operate. As you know that driving a car when the tire is flat can cause blowouts. Therefore, inflate the tyres with the right levels of gas.


3) Windshield and wiper-

If your windshield has cracks or too old to get damaged easily, then it is better to replace the windshield with durable glass. Besides the wiper need to be replaced once a year to improve the optimum performance. If you live in a snow prone area, then put aside your wipers to prevent ice builds on the wipers.


4) The brakes-

When you use your car daily, the breaks can wear out and get ruptured; therefore, don’t wait for the screeching sound to tell you that the brakes are in poor condition. Have your brakes checked by the mechanic to keep them in working conditions on the road.


5) The power steering fluid- 

Power steering without fluid could be hard to handle. Without the correct levels of fluid in your power steering, it could fail. Therefore, it could be checked and refilled.



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