Even though the second-hand car might seem to fit your budget, but there are various new cars that are not just affordable but are equipped with the latest safety features that many old cars lack. Also, it comes with a new car warranty.

Most teens are inexperienced and lack judgment that is required to drive a car, so it is wise to start with a low-budgeted car. This will help them to pick up the required skills, no matter which car you pick for your teen days, make sure to choose a car that has safety features. Safety is the paramount concern when a new driver is behind the wheel. For safety, forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB) features are must-haves.

Here is a list of cars that are affordable and have proper safety features:

  • MAZDA 3

The Mazda 3 is a great car for teens because it’s simply a great car. It will help teens to learn about the concept of cars and be fun and entertaining at the same time. It allows practical concepts like reliability, value, and safety to come handy.

This car covers more than just basic transportation. The exterior, as well as the interiors, are extremely stylish, and even the base 2.0-liter engine is pretty zingy, making the most of its 155 horsepower.

Mazda 3 has various other features to offer like nine-speaker Bose audio system head-up displays. The most important feature is the safety features like autonomous emergency braking and rear cross traffic alert that helps paranoid parents.


The Honda Civic is the car that every teen would love to drive because of its comfortable seats and good fuel economy. The front-wheel-drive 2012 Civic has a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with 140 horsepower, a five-speed manual transmission comes standard and a five-speed automatic transmission is available. The 2.0 version of the engine makes it perform beautifully on highways. The car is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android auto with a forward-collision warning. It has all the necessary safety gears like front and rear head airbag, front disc/rear drum brakes and brake assists which enables your car to stop during the time of an emergency.


This is another car that makes it to the reliable and safe choice list, thanks to its forward- collision warning system and AEB. These are safety standards that the car has been maintaining since the year 2017. The fuel economy is as good as 32 mpg. Recently, the car was in the news because it is set to be redesigned for 2020, so all those teens who want a car that is not only safe but fits their pocket pinch, then wait for deals on the outgoing model.


Hyundai created the new Elantra GT by taking the engine and transmission from the Elantra sedan and marrying it to a more performance-oriented chassis, wrapped in a crisp hatchback design that emulates some European cars. The result is a practical compact hatchback that’s a pleasure to drive and is ideal for less-experienced drivers.

Take a test drive of these lovely vehicles and scrutinize it well to understand which car provides the maximum safety features and can be driven in a controlled environment.

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