Benefits of Hiring Professional Piano Movers (2023)

Pianos are beautiful antique instruments. Moving such expensive and delicate instruments is a complicated and stressful job. Until you have the expertise and proper training and tools for moving a piano you should not perform this risky task yourself. When thinking of moving a piano you should always hire a professional piano mover. These professionals are trained and have the equipment required to move a piano and can also reassemble it.

Piano moving is, though, a challenging task yet it is a possible one when you have piano movers to help you move your piano. The benefits of hiring a professional piano mover can be highlighted as follows.

Saves Money:

It may sound vague how can one save money by hiring a piano mover. The answer is clear while moving a piano yourself it is possible that the keys, strings, or pins of the piano get damaged. Getting a piano repaired is quite expensive. So it becomes mandatory to hire a professional. They help you save money using their tact in moving a piano and re-assembling it when necessary. Besides saving money, piano movers save your time too. You need not ask your friends to aid you to move the piano and waste their time in moving a costly instrument when you have piano movers in your contact.

Avoid Property Damage:

Pianos are of varied shapes and sizes and moving one may cause damage to your property. Think of moving the piano along the staircase and getting it slipped from your hands. It will result in destructions to your premises and may be harmful on your part. Therefore, hiring piano movers prevent damages to the property. The professionals use certain tools and techniques making the movement safer and manageable. A piano mover’s expertise and techniques reduce the chances of home-mishaps like cracking of chipped paints or dents. So if you want to preserve the newness of your house you should not be hesitant to work with a professional.


Moving a piano is a cumbersome task and involves the use of suitable and relevant equipment. While moving a piano from one place to another it’s not about having a big truck to haul it over in. It’s about moving the piano in and out the house with care, preventing the property damage and transporting it over long distances. The piano movers use tools like grip gloves, moving dolly, straps and moving pads or skids for making the transportation of pianos effortless. Some experts may cover the piano with a blanket to minimize the damages to the instrument.  Professional piano movers use these tools and techniques providing smooth mobility of the pianos.


Hiring piano movers not only saves your piano from damages but also prevents you from injuries. A piano weighs more than 300 pounds and lifting it yourself or with the help of your friends may be dangerous. Having lost the grip, you may harm your spine and damage the property. The piano movers are skilled for this job. They can easily handle such loads preventing you from fatal injuries.

Moving a piano is a tedious job especially for those who are inexperienced. So it’s good to leave the task of moving a piano on a professional mover.





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