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The man, who taught us about our rights, is currently the 7th Chief Minister of the capital of India. He is fighting for the rights of the common people, with every effort he could give for it. He aims to remove corruption from the Indian Government system, and is actively leading his path, where the common people think that “Is Desh Ka Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta”. Arvind Kejriwal sets a perfect example for the saying, “Nothing is Impossible”, for we all know what happened in Delhi. He is a man with extra ordinary courage against the collective might of complete political system, and successful in shaking its foundation. With his progress, it will not be wrong to predict that he would be able to reform the system, where people had lost hope against the corrupt politicians, who are destroying the future of our country.

10. Personal Life


Kejriwal was born on 16th August 1968 in Siwani village of Bhiwani district in the state of Haryana. He was first named as Krishna as he was born on the day of Janmashthami. He is a vegetarian and had been practicing Vipassana for many years. Vipassana is a Buddhist tradition which involves meditation to attain the insight and ability to see the true nature of things. He is married to his fellow batch mate who is also an IRS officer, her name is Sunita. He met her during his training at Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration in Mussoorie in 1993. He had fathered two children, a son and a daughter.

9. Humble living


Kejriwal is a man of very humble origins. He was born in a small village of Haryana and still maintains his humble habits and is not fond of any luxurious or lavishing lifestyle. He generally doesn’t shows interest in attending ceremony and get together. He even left the sworn in ceremony of his ministers when his party came into power after taking his oath as the Chief Minister. He does not attend get together of his party members too and is not even spotted in any parties or gatherings. When he came into power he dismissed the office clerk assigned to him. He likes to do his work by himself. He cleans his desk and his dustbin on his own every morning when he comes to his office. He has also denied all the VIP facilities provided to CM.

8. First Job


After completing his graduation from IIT-Kharagpur as a Mechanical Engineer, he worked in TATA Steels for a long time and finally resigned in 1992. He then appeared for Indian Administrative Service Exam. He got selected for IRS in his first attempt. He had always been a very sincere and hard working person. He took everything and every opportunity in his life very seriously. He worked as the Joint Commissioner of Income Tax Department for a long time and finally resigned in 2006 so that he could give his full time and energy to his work of eradicating corruption and bring change in the society.

7. The First Timer


Arvind Kejriwal successfully cleared IIT-JEE, and IRS in his very first attempt. Both these exams are considered to be among the toughest competitive exams in India. He also won the Delhi elections in his very first attempt against Sheila Dikshit, which was also a very tough competition in Delhi Constituency. It was only 12 months, since his political party was formed, when he won the elections.

6. Social Service


After giving his Civil Services Exam, Kejriwal still had some time before the results came, so he decided to use it wisely. He went to Kolkata to work with Mother Teresa, where he worked for two months and then later he also worked with Ramakrishna Mission and Nehru Yuva Kendra which is an organization under Ministry of Youth and Sports of Central Government of India. It is the largest grassroots level voluntary organization which works on empowerment of the youth of the nation under the age of 13 to 35. Kejriwal had always used his abilities and time to help and serve his country.

5. Right to Information Act


Kejriwal, Aruna Roy and some others campaigned for RTI act. The Delhi Assembly pass RTI in 2001 and later in 2005 Parliament of India passed the act, making it a national law. In July 2006, Kejriwal organised campaigns to spread awareness of RTI among the common people. He himself has been using RTI act at a broad level, in order to remove corruption from many government departments. He has now also instituted RTI award through his organization. Kejriwal played a very important role, for the movement of RTI act.

4. Parivartan


Kejriwal, launched an NGO named Parivartan in December 1999, while serving the nation as Income Tax Officer. He launched this organisation with an aim of eradicating bribery system from the society. It primarily focussed on citizen in navigating income tax, and assisting them against bribery. Through this movement, around 800 cases were solved effectively in just 18 months. However Kejriwal later felt that the people are becoming dependent on them and the idea of Right to Information was enlightened in his mind. The organisation was also responsible for exposing fake ration card scam in 2008.

3. Swaraj


Kejriwal has authored the book named “SWARAJ”, which was published in 2012. Since that time the book has been printed in many languages including English, Hindi, Oriya and Malyalam. The book has named author as Arvind Kejriwal, but it was written in contribution by several people. The book talks about the present established political system in India, questioning the short comings of the centralised governance. The book also highlights on ways through which the complete Swaraj(Self-Rule) could be achieved, explaining how the real rule of the people can be brought about. However, a Noida based writer named Ajay Pal Nagar has filed a case against Kejriwal for copying contents from his book titled Bharatiya Raj Vyawastha.

2. Jan Lokpal Bill


The main person behind drafting the Lokpal Bill was Arvind Kejriwal. Although, Anna Hazare led this movement, Arvind Kejriwal, along with Kiran Bedi and some other personalities drafted the bill. Anna Hazare fasted at Jantar Mantar, demanding government to pass the bill, but it had no effect. This is the reason, why Arvind Kejriwal decided to form a political party, which he named ‘AAM AADMI PARTY’. The bill was passed in Lok Sabha, but got rejected in Rajya Sabha. Arvind Kejriwal had also gone for fast, for many days during this movement.

1. Awards and Achievements


Kejriwal has achieved many prestigious awards. The most prominent among all the awards is the Ramon Magsaysay award, for his emerging leadership qualities. He donated the prize money of the award to an NGO. He has also received CNN-IBN, Indian of the year-Politics in 2013; NDTV, Indian of the year along with Anna Hazare in 2011; Distinguished Alumnus Award, IIT Kharagpur for Eminent Leadership in 2009; CNN-IBN, Indian of the year in Public Service in 2006 and IIM Gold Medal. He started his journey against corruption in 2006, and from there on he is encouraged may times for his actions. Various other awards given to him include Ashoka Fellow, Satyendra K. Dubey Memorial award-IIT Kanpur; Police change Agent of the Year-Economic Time Awards and; awarded a grant and fellowship by the Association for India’s Development.



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