Do you know a normal-looking vehicle on the road may actually be a bullet-proof armored car? These days, armored cars look no different than a regular car. Earlier armored vehicles were easily identifiable because of their bulky, truck-like appearance. However, with the growing demand for safety vehicles, car manufacturers started designing armored cars that look exactly like normal cars. Initially, armored vehicles were crafted for fighting wars or to safely escort Presidents and other high-profile individuals. But now more than 100,000 civilian-driven armored vehicles are on the road globally. Now you may wonder how to distinguish an armored car from a regular vehicle.

What is an Armored Vehicle?

Armored cars and trucks are bulletproof vehicles that can withstand extreme heat. These vehicles are designed to protect the passenger, as well as cash or other items inside the vehicle from the bullet or granite attacks. These vehicles have some amazing defense features which make them perfect for police and military uses. However, besides police cruisers or military vehicles, armored vehicles are also used by civilians. This has become possible because unlike their forefather, modern armored cars look similar to the other cars driving down the highway. So how can you tell if a car standing at the traffic signal is an armored car?

The latest armored vehicles are designed in a way to blend with normal cars and remain as inconspicuous as possible. Due to this reason, this type of car is popularly used by influential people, as well as civilians to travel safely to their destination. Unless you’re an auto expert, you may never identify an armored car because these vehicles can perfectly blend with the traffic. However, apart from the appearance, it’s the features that make armored cars different than a regular vehicle. Let’s take a look at the difference between a normal car and an armored vehicle.

A Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

A normal car can be turned into an armored car by replacing its frame with a ballistic-grade steel frame. Unlike a normal car, the exterior body of an armored vehicle is made of robust material to withstand outside attacks. The entire frame of these cars is covered with tempered steel to achieve a higher level of security.

Ballistic Glass

The purpose of an armored vehicle is to protect the passengers in the event of a car crash or outside attack. Normal cars have the windshield made of shatterproof glass. But the glass used for windows, rear windows, and windshield in armored cars is somewhat different from a regular car. The top layer of ballistic glass used in armored models is made of a thin sheet of glass that helps in absorbing the high energy of a bullet. The mixture of leaded glass and a polycarbonate substrate absorb energy. The top layer spreads the force of impact across the surface to protect the underneath layer of a thick polycarbonate from bullet penetration.

Tough Bumpers and Tires

The armored vehicles are created to protect the passengers in all possible situations. To ensure safe transit, the bumpers of armored vehicles are designed in a way to run through just about anything. The heavy-duty bumpers can withstand a repeated impact so that people sitting inside the car stay safe. Moreover, the tyres of the armored car will keep running even when punctured. Also, the brakes, suspension, and engine components of these vehicles are modified to haul the armor.

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