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One day you look into the mirror and you look older than you feel. While you still feel young and vibrant, your face is showing signs of age with sagging and wrinkling becoming more evident. This is when most people begin thinking about getting a facelift.

There are sites that can aid you in making this important decision, with a doctor finder that locates a doctor in your area that is an expert in this field. Compare doctors, get free consultations and see before and after pictures, all to help you feel more comfortable with determining if you are a good candidate. If you are living in near or in New York  facelift opportunities abound.

Several factors determine the type of candidate results that can be expected. Things like age, skin elasticity, amount of sun damage and how many layers of skin are affected and whether the patient is a smoker. The perfect candidate is a woman who is a non-smoker, is middle-aged, has minimal fatty tissue and has a strong underlying bone structure with good skin elasticity. Those under sixty years old respond better than those who are past that age. Late forties to late fifties are the optimal years for a facelift.

Those who have serious medical conditions or who are on major blood thinners may have to consider a different option for their sagging skin. Set up a consultation with a reputable physician to go over everything with you and make an assessment of your candidacy for the procedure. In New York, facelift patients should take some time to consider this major procedure. Plastic surgery, as with any surgery, can result in complications that need to be considered.

If you are not the perfect candidate, it does not mean that you are not a candidate at all. As long as a physician has your complete medical history and you are open and upfront about your health and expectations, you could be eligible for a facelift. There are a few different versions to the traditional facelift, such as the mini facelift, the mid facelift and neck lift. In addition to that, there are options such as laser skin tightening, microdermabrasion, botox and fillers to correct aging skin problems and produce a result that you would be happy with. With so many options in New York, facelift surgery is one of many ways to improve your appearance and look like you feel.

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