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EMI shielding is basically a phenomenon that prevents the interaction of several signals at the same time. This particular process is carried out mainly with the help of vacuum metallization. It begins with vaporizing the metal by placing it in a glass chamber. After that with every atom, it starts coating the device you aim to protect.


EMI shielding is extremely helpful when it comes to the protection of military and medical equipment. One can not compromise with our country’s protection and interference by the fellow countries would not be entertained. To state, a badly installed GPS system can dangerously affect the military personnel and in order to avoid such happenings necessary shielding is done, it acts as an additional security for military men.


In addition to that the biggest benefit of this shielding is that it blocks the harmful radiations that our cell phones emit. We almost remain with our cell phone everytime and the harmful radiations that it emits are likely to affect our health. EMI shielding is the greatest protection against that. They block those frequencies and signals and ensure our good health.


EMI Shield – Working

The main aim of EMI shielding is to safeguard the electronics from the wrath of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference and this is done with the help of a metallic screen which holds the electromagnetic interference being transferred via air. The entire process is carried on by following a principle which involves a metallic screen which surrounds the transmitting electronics or the sensitive electronics. The following screen consumes transmitted signals and leads to a current in the screen’s body. The current produced is taken in by virtual ground plane.


Because these transmitted signals get consumed before reaching the circuitry, the signal involved is kept safe from the electromagnetic interference thereby strengthening the effectiveness of the shield. The very fine example of this is our cell phone. It is the EMI shielding that protects the electronics of the concerned device which eventually enables it to exhibit data from the transmitter of the phone.


EMI Shield – Material Used

EMI shielding can be done following various techniques and comprises various materials particularly depending upon the kind of electronics and frequency involved. The reason behind this is that the signal reduction depends upon the material utilized, shielded volume’s size and the thickness of the material. Each of these factors affects the frequency’s strength and range which can be ultimately consumed through shielding.


For the purpose of board level shielding, the shielding comprises a PCB along with a ground plane installed in it and a box made up of metal particularly known as a shield can is put upon the sensitive elements. And the elements are then completely engaged in the faraday cage arrangement.


When we talk about audio speakers or such related devices, an inside metallic casing is enabled in order to block the EMI that nearby transmitting devices like television and microwave produce.


Therefore, shielding is necessary whenever any device concerned produces unwanted signals. Especially in today’s digital world each and every device needs an EMI shielding.




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