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Home renovation spending is prevalent among first-time homebuyers and millennials. However, these young buyers even though they have rich tastes but their budgets are small. In all this, the prices for renovation are high as the older generation like to renovate their houses instead of upgrading. To keep up with technology, everyone wants to invest in smart and tech-conscious homes. Renovating your home with modern technologies also helps to boost the value of your property and builds your equity over time.

But then how do you upgrade or renovate without paying? Your dreams of a newly renovated house only come true when you pay for it. You should be conscious about your wallet so here are 6 ways to pay for your home renovations.


This is one of the most common ways to renovate your house. Such home equity loans are procurable by borrowing money based on the current value of your house, excluding value-adding renovations. This means you won’t be able to acquire 100% money, but without mortgage insurance, you can borrow up to 80% of the value of your house. The probable problem can be the cost of renovation is higher than the loan available.


This loan is similar to home equity loan but the in this loan you borrow money based on the final value of your house after the renovation. The good thing about this loan is that no matter what the cost of your renovation is, you will get the full amount but in a staggering amount over some time.


This type of credit is suitable for long-term renovations. Once you apply for this type of loan, you establish a line of credit that is accessible whenever you want; however, this is limited. You can extend this limit only by paying off your balance and can then reborrow the unused funds without reapplying. Just keep in mind that you make repayments on the line of credit to reduce the principle.


The cost of this loan is spread over some time, it is suitable if you are thinking to transform your house from head to toe. This loan equips you to borrow up to 90% percent of the value of your home and take advantage of mortgage rates that are lower than personal loans and credit cards.


This loan provides the least amount, so it is only suitable for minor renovations. The value is capped to just about around $30,000, and the interest rates of personal loans are way higher than home equity loans.


Personal loans are for small renovations but if you want credit for the way smaller loans then opt for credit cards. The only problem is that the interest rates are high on the mortgage.

As long as you go in with your eyes wide open, financing your home improvement projects don’t have to be complicated. Plan ahead, understand your strategy and enjoy watching your dream home become a reality.

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