6 Tips for an Efficient Dumpster Rental Experience – ListDen

Whether cleaning up your house or undergoing a large scale industrial project you need a dumpster rental service to help you get rid of your material waste in the safest and efficient way. This process of choosing an orderly rental service can be quite tedious and consume your precious time. You need the most well-organized and cost-effective ways to dump your trash.  There are many signs which you have to look for while choosing the right company for yourself. If you keep the following enumerated points in your mind, your dumpster rental experience can be smooth and efficient without many troubles.

  • Choose the Right size

Know the amount of waste you have to dump and book your dumpster accordingly. The right sized containers can be cost-efficient and easy to handle. Oversized containers can be troublesome to place. The dumpster rental company should be able to help you estimate the ideal size you need for your bin thus preventing you from renting more than the required number and save on costs. Choose a rental company which has multiple size options for you.

  • Appropriate Rental period

The time period for which you need the dumpster must be kept in mind while booking.  This will affect your cost directly. The days should be properly mentioned in your contract. Provision for extension or shortening of timeline should be available to avoid any unseen circumstances. Keep the trash as long as required but, not a second longer.

  • Pricing

Be diligent enough to compare the prices of various dumpster rental service providers and choose the best-suited option. Look for a simple and easy to understand pricing format.  Avoid companies which have an open-ended, guessing based pricing scheme. Be upfront about all the costs and potential penalty fees and try avoiding them.

  • Proper dumpster placement

It is very important to find a suitable place for your dumpsters. You need to find a location where your large container can be parked and is accessible for the vehicle that will come to pick it up. The place should not be in the way of local people as they can file a complaint against you. Your municipality heads must be okay with the location to avoid any legal actions.

  • Efficient delivery and pick-ups

Choose those dumpster rental companies which have a methodical system of delivery and pick-ups for dumpsters.  The company providing this in less than 24 hours should be apt for this job. You should be able to easily communicate with the drivers of the collecting vehicles so that their availability is assured whenever required.

  • Avoid overfilling

The designated fill line, which depends upon the type of debris, should be checked while filling your dumpsters. It may sound unfair but it is the customers’ duty to keep this in check or else the company can choose to unload some of your trash which will then become your responsibility to dispose off.

It is not that the dumpster rental process is always difficult. It is the planning which matters.  Taking these tips into consideration will make your dumpster rental experience seamless.



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