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Nowadays, due to busy schedules, people hardly get time to look at the doors and windows of the house. But remember, windows cannot speak about their problems. It is only you who have to keep a check on them and make sure they are in the highly-maintained state.

However, everything wears out with time. Windows and doors too! You can increase their durability but cannot make them last forever.

Now you might be wondering how I will get to know that my windows need replacement. So, let us talk about the five warning signs that indicate it’s time to replace windows.


  1. It feels Drafty –

On average, 10 to 20 percent of heat escapes through windows. If on touching the window you feel cold outside, or there is a draft when you stand near the window, then it is the time to consider window replacement. These days, high-quality patios and windows are designed in such a way that they are energy efficient and keep away the outside weather.


  1. Windows are too old –

If your windows are too old, almost 20 to 30 years, then the possibility is there that they are of single pane. Moreover, the chances of them being energy-efficient will be very less. It is so because the Energy Star rating program begins after 1992. Older windows without proper glazing are unable to protect your home from harmful UV rays. On the other hand, windows with the latest technology use low E glass. It helps in keeping the temperature inside the house consistent. Also, furniture remains protected, which otherwise would have been faded because of UV rays.


  1. Windows don’t open properly –

There are many reasons because of which windows don’t open properly. Years of painted frames of old wooden windows may be the reason. The swelling of old aluminum windows because of temperature change may be the other reason. If your windows are completely glued and don’t open at all, then unquestionably it is time for window replacement.


  1. Noise from outside –

If your windows are closed, and you hear noise from outside, then the possibility is there that windows are not providing enough acoustic insulation. STC (abbreviation for Sound Transmission Class) is the measure of the window’s potential to reduce the noise level. Higher the STC rating, lesser the noise level. Thus you can expect better sound control and a calm house if the STC rating of the window is high. STC rating is between 28 and 32 in case of double glazed windows.

For those who get disturbed by noise very easily, or are having an infant at home who wakes up to even a little noise, windows with higher STC ratings are suggested.


  1. Windows are damaged –

When damage is visible, then how can you avoid it? No sign for window replacement can be as easy as the visible damage. Worn out windows can diminish the attractiveness of the house. So get them replaced as soon as possible and bring back the charm of your house.

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