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Budget! Budget! Budget! That is the major concern for any event planner and possibly a nightmare too. The two biggest dilemmas are the venue and the food. They are also the two biggest expenses you have to deal with. So, needless to say, it is important that you understand the tricks and the tips to stick to an event that suits both your liking and your budget.




Opt for a standard menu that does not add any load to your budget. It is always impressive to serve a buffet of varieties of appetizers, drinks and desserts. But it is also quite expensive to get all the ingredients and to prepare them. Try limiting your options to a few different items rather than a large range. There are multiple advantages of doing so. First, it will give the opportunity to dress up your menu to give it a luxurious presentation and second, it will lessen the wastage of food.




If you get food from different companies it will cost you twice as much. Instead, go for package deals that can serve the food along with providing the venue. You may think that bargaining through each item would be far less expensive. However, if you rather choose a company to supply you with the venue, food and beverage, they might cut you a deal for using multiple service. However you must do a proper research before following this tactic to save your budget.




One of the best tricks is to plan your event on an off-season when the fares are far less. Most wedding venues almost give a 50% discount during the off-season. Choosing less popular dates for spaces and other sorts is a wonderful way to save your budget. Hotel prices fall down, especially on weekdays. However, make sure that your plan is not causing inconvenience to your guests, especially those who have already planned a long vacation.




The more might not always be merrier, especially for the host. Hosting hundreds of guests would require more space, more food and a lot more beverages. These three factors can push your budget to the extent of leaving you penniless. You will have to be wise while penning down the invites. You can either spend your money on too many people with unsatisfied refreshments or you can invite a few special guests and host a quality event.




Do not be sacred for negotiating for what you want. The worst case scenario would be that you would face a no, but the best would be that you would be saving money a lot more than you thought you could. Be honest about your budget and straightforward if you have someone else ready to work for you at a lesser price. Whatever may be the case, do not hesitate in taking the risk of negotiating. You will find that it helps in saving you from budget crisis a lot.

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