Amazon India is a name that is ubiquitous in the Indian online shopping scene. The amount of product lines and the variety of discounts it runs from time to time is simply commendable. But even with all these discounts, you may find yourself looking for even better savings. After all, who doesn’t love savings?

Apart from the daily discounts, Amazon India regularly organizes special sales events like The Great Indian Sale, Amazon Prime Day, Diwali Sale, etc. These events provide excellent opportunities to bag some great deals.

But there’s one catch. Who wants to wait a whole year for a sale to start? And even if you have the patience to wait a whole year, the competition to grab the best deal is more furious than a government job examination.

So is there any way to get the most out of Amazon India’s product offerings? There is. And this article is proof of that. Here are 5 hacks, tips, tricks, loopholes, (insert your own word here) that will help you save some cash during your Amazon India’s shopping endeavors-

Price Tracking Tools

There are many instances when the price of a particular product springs up or drops. And this can at any time on any day. Unless you have superpowers of seeing into the future, you will most likely miss the deal.

We cannot promise the superpower but developers have utilized their powers and created price tracking tools. These tools offer you the capability to see the purchase price history of any Amazon product and notify you when the product in interest goes through a price change.

They come as browser extensions or standalone apps, making sure you will be never far away from that 10% price drop.

Filter Out Discounted Products

So you will find so many products available on Amazon, but only a few offer discounts. You can’t search for a product and follow down to find the discounted one. Here is one Amazon hack that not only will help you save time but also some money if you are lucky.

All you need to do is use a code at the end of the search URL to filter out discounted products. Here is the code – &pct-off followed by the amount of discount you want.

For example, suppose I need to buy a kind of product which is discounted about 50%. Here, all I need to do is, apply the code at the end of the URL. Based on the amount of discount, my code will be – &pct-off=50. The result will be the products with 50% discounted items.

Consider Going for the Least Popular Items

While shopping for some products you will come across some products that are available in multiple colors and style options. Unless you specifically need a particular color, you can shred that bill by opting for the less popular options.

See, colors like black, white or gold (phones, usually) are common items and always have a steady demand. For example, buying that pink power bank is okay, even if you are a guy. At least you are saving a Rs. 100. A smart guy is a better guy.

Escape Delivery Charges like a Pro!

We know the feeling when you are just Rs. 5 short of being eligible for free delivery.

Amazon charges Rs. 40 to Rs. 50 for delivering items priced lower than Rs. 499. If you want that free shipping, then all you got to do is add some more products to make cart value Rs. 499 or more so that they can deliver you free.

As soon as you got the order, cancel or return the unwanted one. Amazon will accept a return without deducting up any delivery charge to your order.

Coupons Are Your Friends

Just like any other popular online shopping site, Amazon also accepts coupons. These Amazon Coupons  can be found across many online discount coupon sites.

Just keep an eye on these sites and visit them regularly for the latest deals. Following is a list of eligible coupons:

  • Amazon Grocery Coupons
  • Daily Kindle deals
  • Amazon Coupons
  • Amazon Prime Exclusive Coupons
  • Prime Pantry Coupons by Amazon
  • Amazon Subscribe and Save Coupons
  • Amazon Coupons by brand

Aside from these hacks, you can become an Amazon Prime Member which will increase the chances of getting better rates. So what are you waiting for? Fire up Amazon India on your device and enjoy!

Just see if using Amazon Offers as a keyword makes more sense. It has a high volume. But its highly competitive because news websites also compete in that space.

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