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Nowadays, there is a craze for Piano’s. Suddenly, everybody is in love with the instrument, and wanting to buy it or rent it. But, since, Pianos are generally high priced, and therefore, people consider renting a piano first, before making a decision to buy one. No matter what you own, an upright or a grand piano, when it comes to moving a piano, to a new location, the weight and the size of the piano becomes a huge determining factor.

Now, there are lightweight piano’s which weight around 300 to 400 pounds at max, and on the other hand there are traditional piano’s which can weight up till 1400 pounds, depending on the make and manufacturing year of the piano. The heavyweight one’s start from around 500 pounds. Therefore, if you are planning on to move a spinet piano with only a man force of two person, then you might get away safely with that. But, you will be hugely mistaken, if you can do the same with an upright piano made and manufactured in 1910. It will take at least 4 person, and lots of wooden plank to get it through a glass door. There are also instances where 7 big guys are pulling a baby grand piano out of a church door. Moreover, experts always say that, not to roll a piano around in wooden floors, since it basically gives scratches in wooden floors.

Pianos are very sensitive, and they are sensitive to humidity and temperature, and therefore it is never a solution to store a piano in a humid room. If you have one stored in your basement, or somewhere you fear of damping, just take that out and store in a dry place.

Now, while moving a piano, since it is heavy, even if it bumps somewhere, the tune can pull out, and the next time you play it, you might hear certain abnormal sounds in some notes. Also, if accidently a part of gets cracked or damaged, you might lose out on an entire tune set. Therefore, it is always better to resort to a professional care when it comes to moving a piano. A professional piano mover has all the right equipment’s to deal with a small lightweight piano to a big heavyweight piano. They even have shock absorber materials which absorbs shocks even if the piano bumps here and there to the wall.

So, the cost of moving a piano, generally depends on five factors and they are,

  • Type of the Piano.
  • Distance of the destination.
  • Difficulty of moving the piano from one place to the other.
  • Amount of equipment’s and the no of people needed to complete the move.
  • The Urgency of the movement.

The cost of these expert moves can sometimes be hourly, or sometimes it can entirely depend on the work. Before hiring a piano mover, have a talk around, and know about the rates. Generally, if you hire an expert piano moving company, they will need max 4 to 5 people to lift a heavy 1910 build piano, since they have the necessary ramps and instrument to do the work easily.

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