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When we talk about essential features of a car— airbags, seatbelts or anti-lock brakes are the ones that come to mind. But I would say that these are crucial safety features that every vehicle must have. When we talk about expensive cars like armored cars whose sole purpose is to protect the people inside, the features vary.


For politicians, top-level executives, wealthy people, diplomats, celebrities and expatriates living in high-risk areas, something stronger needs to be incorporated in the armored cars. Most of the reputed automotive companies who are in the business of making armored cars have sprung up to reinforce bulletproof armored vehicles with the addition of add bullet-resistant steel, composite material and ballistic glass.


Using armored cars with such features have helped in safety enhancement for all the high-class people, government contractors, business executives, celebrities and high-net-worth individuals who have to travel through volatile areas for the sake of work.


Down below are mentioned some of the main features of an armored car. Have a look!


1) Shocking door handles- You might not know how important a safety feature it is to have when your life is in danger. For instance, you may have to stop at the traffic lights, and in that time span, you can switch to the option of turning the shocking door handle to stop an attack. These electrically charged door handles play an active role when you have to stop at a point in a volatile, high risking area.


2) Ballistic glass- The easy way to attack the occupant is through the standard glass of the windows from where the target is not only visible but also easy to attack. Therefore, armoured vehicles come with a bulletproof windshield which is made up of multilayers of resin and glass, shielding the occupants against attackers and blocking the view.


3) Smokescreen dispenser system- Another exciting feature that is assimilated in the armored cars is smokescreen dispenser system. Upon engaging the system, the car generates smoke at the rear of the vehicle until the system is disengaged. This feature must be used in extreme situations when you know the attacker is chasing your vehicle.


4) Night vision display- If it is unsafe to travel in the daylight, how daunting would it be to move during the night? So, it is important to know your surroundings in the dark and that could be done using night vision display. Installed on the dashboard, it allows the driver to detect the moment of an object or a human in front and back of the car that may not be identified by the naked eye.


5) Run-flat tire system- Usually when the tires go through the extreme destructive situation, they hinder the movement; however, it is not the case with armored cars since run-flat tires do not interfere with the mobility of the vehicle. They are composed of an outer shell and a robust internal rubber shell which makes you flee even in the situation when your attackers have attacked the tires of your armored car.

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